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How Serial Entrepreneur Brant Bukowsky Ended Up With THREE Companies On The Inc. 500 List

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Brant BukowskyBrant Bukowsky isn’t flashy, but his companies speak for him. Brant, along with his brother, have created numerous successful companies, ranging from a company that sells tickets to a mortgage company with over 40 million dollars in sales. With a zest of online marketing, Brant has successfully taken a specific skill set and applied it to industries that could use (and this is put lightly) an upgrade on the way things are done.

I wanted to learn from Brant how he did it. How he continues to build successful companies. Where his passion comes from. Why he jumps into different industries. And how the heck he ended up with THREE companies on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies.

The goal here of course is for you to find takeaways in his stories and lessons. Things you can use in your business. And if you are a serial entrepreneur, there may not be a BETTER PERSON TO LEARN FROM than Brant.


Side note: Hair is not a requirement of a successful entrepreneur.

Connect With Brant:

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