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Should You Hire VAs Overseas for Cheap or Keep It Local?

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Big question, right?

I remember the first two years of doing my show were a mess. Why? Because I was doing EVERYTHING. I mean everything. If something needed to be done, I did it. No matter what, no matter when.

The problem is, if you try to do everything yourself, two things are bound to happen:

  1. Your biz will have problems growing (that sucks).
  2. You will burn out (that also sucks).

My solution, which began a couple of years ago, was to start hiring virtual assistants (VAs according to the cool kids). I decided I wanted to pay a bit more and both my VAs are working in the US (although one is British!).

The first two things I outsourced?

  1. My schedule/scheduling (i.e. guests for the show), which is now completely handled by the lovely Linda.
  2. Making my posts “pretty and ready to post” (meaning actually posting a new show, getting the images together, formatting it, putting in the links, etc.), which is handled now by the lovely Lisa.

Now, you might be slightly worried about hiring a VA (aka. freaking out) and thinking about things like: WHEN AM I GOING TO FIND THE TIME TO TRAIN ‘EM?!? AH!!!!! or I’M A TERRIBLE MANAGER OF PEOPLE!!!!! or THE ONLY WAY TO GET SOMETHING DONE IS TO DO IT MYSELF!! BAHH!!!!

Don’t worry. Help is on the way. One thing I love to do on the show is bring in people who have a DIFFERENT perspective (whether you agree or disagree, you will learn something). John Jonas joins me today on the show to talk about outsourcing and why he prefers to send it overseas for $1.82 an hour.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.


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John JonasLinks Mentioned: (note: John is the owner of this company, I didn’t know that until after the interview)


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