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Hey, David: How often should I email my list every week and is there a best day/time?

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Who is ready for a brand spankin’ new mini lesson?

*raises hand*

Here is a problem faced by mediapreneurs of all experience levels (from bright eyed bushy tailed newbie to seasoned veteren):

How often should you send emails out to your list on a weekly basis?

Now, I’m not talking about special things you might be doing (like a webinar or a free video series or something), I’m talking just in any given week, how many emails should you send (and when)?

If you haven’t thought about this before, don’t freak out. A few years ago, I didn’t either. I would send random emails at random times.

But, then I made ONE BIG SHIFT and this completely changed the game for me over the past two years.

In today’s mini lesson, I go over this big shift and my tips on how often you should be sending those good ole emails.

Watch below!


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  1. 48DaysDan says:

    We’ve experimented with the day of the week – and are currently sending at 10:00 AM Friday morning. But you are absolutely right on the consistency. I started with 67 emails names in August of 2000 and have never missed a week with my newsletter on career tips. Over 130,000 people have signed up and I think much of that is because they knew I would not overwhelm them with random emails – but I would send one without fail. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Awesome Dan and wow 130,000 people congrats!

    2. Jason Gracia says:

      That’s incredible. Congrats on your success!

  2. Christopher Stafford says:

    D, I am doing what you say, and loving it. Come to think of it, I do everything you say. Does that make me your apostle? HA! You’re the best my friend! 🙂

  3. Jason Gracia says:

    D, Curious if this changes your previous thoughts on sending two pieces of a content per week in different formats (audio + video or video + post, etc.).

    1. I’ve done it both ways. I prefer 1.

      1. Jason Gracia says:

        I’m leaning that way as well. Tried both, but finding a good rhythm with one post per week…Thursday…at 9AM…central.

        Looks as though someone is going to have to change the timing of his weekly videos. 🙂

  4. ifeelgod says:


    I like your time …

    Since my target market is churches and christian leadership, Thursday morning sounds real good …

    It catches people after Wed Night service and before finishing up the Sunday Sermon …

    Many pastors take off on Monday or Friday, so Thursday AM is good for either….

    In Him,
    JMb <

      1. ifeelgod says:


        I want to emulate success … 2 questions,

        1) Do you release your podcasts at the same time as your emails each week?

        2) how do you record with your image in the lower corner of the slides …

        I know those are not deep questions, but I do like how you do what you do …


        In Him,
        JMb <

        1. 1. Yes

          2. ScreenFlow on Mac. Basically it just my webcam on when I record and then I simply drag it to the bottom right corner. ScreenFlow:

  5. Sue Pyne says:

    Hi David
    I subscribed to you probably four months or so ago – this is all very new to me – but everything you say makes sense – and I just wanted to say I’m really grateful for all your webinars and advice so far – thank you!

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!