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DEBATE: Has The Internet Killed Print?

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by David Garland in David's Blog, Interviews & Guests

Has the Internet killed print?

Do you subscribe to actual print ANYTHING? (Magazines, newspapers, etc.)?

Is Direct Mail still a viable option to reach potential clients and customers? How has it changed to keep up with the times?

What is your take? Will print always be around?

There is no secret this is a HOT topic right now. So, I decided that all of us digitalites and non-digitalites could learn a thing or two from a few folks that ARE passionate about print. First up is Bob Mueller -Executive Director Of Business Operations at AT&T Advertising Solutions (Disclosure: YP.com is a RISE sponsor, however the thoughts in this interview are all mine and Bob’s).

In this interview, Bob and I discuss all kinds of goodies including:

-With expanding Internet options, is print dead?

-How has AT&T Advertising Solutions kept up with the changing marketing and advertising world?

-Do certain demographics prefer print over others? For example…do the kids run away from print while the old(er) folks sleep with their print?

-How can you make your advertising work better and much more.

Links Mentioned:

Buzz (AT&T’s new social network in beta right now)


Check out this chart (click to expand) regarding print from AT&T Advertising Solutions. Do you find it surprising?

Also, bringing a pro-print perspective is Kyle McEvoy & Kevin Gagnepain…the entrepreneurs behind APC Direct. an innovative direct mail company (Disclosure: APC Direct is a RISE partner because they kick butt for entrepreneurs). I was lucky enough to pick both of their brains and get their insider perspective as well.

Links Mentioned:

APC Direct

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