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Ask David! Generating Revenue in the Relationship Niche, Is Doing a Sale a Bad Idea & Tips for Hiring a Coach

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by David Garland in David's Advice, Interviews & Guests

Yesterday, I fired an email out to you letting you know that on the next few episodes of The Rise To The Top, I’m going to be answering your burning questions.

And I’ve got a cool new thingy setup where you can leave me voicemails that I can play on the show and answer your questions.

The response was HUGE (and keep the questions coming).

I chose three questions to hop into on this episode of The Rise To The Top (Fun Fact: one comes from an NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach who is also a mediapreneur).

DEFINITELY worth a listen, because even if your question wasn’t chosen/you didn’t ask one, I’ll put my money on the fact that you can learn a lot from other people’s questions.

Click to listen right here:



I use RISE partner Wistia for video hosting because they rock. Check ’em out.

Audio Only Player:

The coolest thing about Citrix is they are always looking out for RISE Nation.

I’ve got a special contest for ya and the prize is awesomesauce.

Here is the deal:

As you know, GoToMeeting with HD Faces lets you meet face to face no matter where in the world everyone is located.

Well, we want to know– where in the world would you host your ideal GoToMeeting.

Tweet us a picture of your answer using “#WinRISE” and “@GoToMeeting” for a chance to win an Apple® Gift Card (valued at $300) towards any Apple hardware or accessory purchase in Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store – courtesy of Citrix.

Remember, to be eligible to win you need to tell us where in the world would you host your ideal GoToMeeting using “#WinRISE” and “@GoToMeeting”.

Contest ends on Monday, Oct 28th at midnight and you can enter as many times as you want so tweet your little heart out.

Get to tweetin’! Tweet us a picture of where in the world you would host your ideal GoToMeeting. Win an Apple® Gift Card. #WinRISE @GoToMeeting. Boom.

Click here to tweet your photo & answer.

Have fun!


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