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A New Way To Generate Business Leads With Jason Bahnak

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Wow 50 shows in! Hooray. OK, enough celebrating.

Disclosure: Gateway Business Development is a partner of The Rise To The Top. Also, I use them personally to generate leads for sponsorships and partners.

Common entrepreneurial problem: You start a company. You have to do EVERYTHING. I mean everything. And then at some point you can’t do it all anymore. So you have a few options:

#1: You can cry (I did cry once).

#2: You can hire. And some people swear by this. It isn’t for me right now because I’d rather create content than manage people. Plus, it can be expensive and time consuming for young companies.

#3: You can find the right partners that have skin in the game.

So far, I’ve leaned towards #3 and it has been the key to growing business. Finding the right partners to do the right things.

Gateway Business Development is one of those partners I contracted Why? Because they take away the time-consuming-and-annoying-aspect of generating leads (business-to-business leads). A fair amount of business comes to me, but I wanted to reach out to businesses I didn’t know (that were more traditional and not necessarily hanging out on Twitter and Facebook) I recently sat down with Jason Bahnak from Gateway to chit-chat about what they do, how they help entrepreneurs like you and how they run their business.

The question is: How do you generate leads for your business?

Gateway has also been nice enough to give away something only for our RISE community. They will do a free “Sales Pipeline Assessment” or free “Social Media Assessment.” For each one, they will take a look at your current game plan and make suggestions to increase leads/exposure. Cool deal.  You can contact Jason personally at Jason AT

Unlock Enrollment in Create Awesome Online Courses

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