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From Corporate Accountant to Kick Butt Mediapreneur: How Heather Pierce Giannone is Building Her Online Healthy Food Empire

I met today’s guest, Heather Pierce Giannone (cool people have 3 names, right?), this past fall at Ryan Lee’s DotComXpo (kick butt event, BTW). Immediately, when we starting talking business, I knew she has something rocking going on.

See, here is the crazy thing. Heather used to be a corporate accountant (not that it is a crazy thing to be an accountant, but once you get to know Heather in this conversation today you will giggle when you think about her nerding it up).

But, she decided she wanted to do something far more awesome and share her huge knowledge of healthy foods. And now she continues to build her online empire as she revolutionizes how entrepreneurs are eating (pretty cool, right?).

Be a fly on the wall in today’s chat with Heather as I blitz her on all kinds of juicy topics, ranging from how she got started, to the good, bad, and ugly with her first major online product, and more.

Listen below and make sure to leave a little love in the comments.


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Heather’s site (awesome stuff) – Make sure to take the eating personality quiz!
Follow Heather on Twitter (and tell her you saw her on @therisetothetop)

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  1. Lisa Stein says:

    Great interview David. I loved hearing her evolution on how she figured out her exact audience and exactly how she can help them. I know it is a process.

  2. Great niche and a brilliant idea. The “Launch Diet” that’s coming soon sounds awesome. I haven’t been eating well recently and love healthy 10 min recipes. The worst part for me is going shopping and cleaning up even if doesn’t take long to cook.
    Also, Heather is gorgeous and funny in the videos.

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