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How To Earn Attention Online & Turn It Into Business With Special Guest Jim Kukral

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Attention. If you don’t earn it, you will have a website without views and social media profiles without friends. Yikes. That sucks. But, all attention is not created equal. There is gimmicky, swarmy attention (yuck!) and then there is GOOD attention.

In today’s episode, author of (a new must-read book for entrepreneurs) Attention! This Book Will Make You Money (amazon affiliate), Jim Kukral joins me to share some stories about earning the RIGHT KIND of attention and, more importantly, turning that attention into business (because what good is attention if you can’t bring in the bucks?).

Which leads to the questions: What have you done to earn attention? What has worked? What hasn’t? Who do you think earns a lot of attention online? Why?

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Nab his book, Attention! This Book Will Make You Money, on Amazon (affiliate link).

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