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How to Double Your Revenue (Without Getting More Customers or Being a Douche-a-saurus) with Special Guest Ryan Lee

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OK, so let’s talk about doubling your revenue (or doubling your potential revenue).

Let’s say you have an online course. It sells for 7.


How do you double your revenue?

1. You can get MORE customers. If you double the amount of customers you bring in… then you are doubling your revenue.

2. Or… you can sell more to current/existing customers (this my friends is the freakin’ sweet spot).

Now, getting more customers is all good and obviously important but as we all know it is TRICKY (to say the least) and can often be expensive and time consuming.

The real secret to doubling (heck, tripling) your revenue is what happens AFTER you sell someone one of your products and programs.

This is, as the cool kids say, ATS (After The Sale).

The master of After The Sale is my good buddy Ryan Lee and I tracked him down today for a special The Rise To The Top episode/training.

In today’s episode:

1. Ryan discusses what NOT to do after the sale (the key mistake to avoid)

2. Ryan gives you a specific ATS strategy you can use right away that does not require you to create anything additional to sell that can add a ton of money to your bottom line quickly (I actually yell at him when goes over this strategy and basically say “$%@ Ryan, I wish I would have done that!”



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ATS Workshop

ATS workshop is coming up (October 17th!) with Ryan and I. Ryan is going to be revealing his step-by-step secrets to putting together a complete ATS strategy that can double, triple, heck…quadruple your income. Check out the details and nab your seat here.



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