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Daniel Pink on Selling Online in 2013 (Without Being a Sleazeball)

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So, this past Monday I posted a video on DSG TV (which you can check out right here) about how to sell online without being a hypey jerkface, and it started an excellent discussion on selling.

When it comes to selling, sometimes there is that weird line between “what works” and “what makes you sleep at night” and there really shouldn’t be.

Meaning, if you sell correctly (be it your latest information product, programs, coaching, etc.) you should be freakin’ pumped and your potential customers should also be freakin’ pumped (not turned off).

So, to continue the conversation today, I brought in the big gun and that is multiple-time New York Times Best-Selling author (with MILLIONS of books sold worldwide) Daniel Pink, who just finished a whole heck of a lot of time (probably about a zillion hours) researching sales and is on a mission to change the way we think about them (especially in his new book, To Sell Is Human – affiliate).

Daniel is here today on the show with insights, tips (and the science behind them) on how you can sell more, sell better, and (holy potatoes) actually enjoy selling.

Enjoy and make sure to leave a comment below and hop into the convo.


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Daniel’s website – www.DanPink.com
Daniel’s new book – To Sell Is Human

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