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What Consumers Expect When Visiting Your Website

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Consumer Expectations

In 2010 (and beyond), consumer expectations for your website are changing.

What do they expect to see? What is becoming the norm or at least the minimum standard?

This episode was sparked by Gary Vaynerchuk who discussed in a great video about consumer expectations now with social media (which is of course very important).

Consumers are now EXPECTING companies to be interactive and social (at the very least responsive).

But, what about your website?

Are you forgetting about your home base?

Not only has web design evolved, consumer expectations of what they want to see on your website has also evolved.

The One Way Website Is Dying:

Here are a few ways to catch up:

1. Social – Even the most boring brands in the world are becoming social. Can your social accounts be found simply? (No reason to be scared that people will “leave your site”. Instead realize consumers might want to interact on their turf which could be Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

2. Interactive – A 2-way street. Creating or curating content. A blog. Comments. Feedback. Contests. Flipping that darn bullhorn around.

3. Video Online video is becoming expected. Especially since it gives your brand a face and a unique personality (mentioned below). It doesn’t have to be Spielberg-quality as long as expectations are set (For example: “Hey everyone, here are some underground videos.” That one line will let people know not to expect a $1,000,000 production)

4. Personality – Corporate speak is so 1997. Liven it up a little bit. Whether you make people laugh and/or think, spice up your website with a little personality. Take off the tuxedo.

What do you expect?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and your website below. As usual, we can all value from the discussion.

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