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Chris Brogan and David Siteman Garland on Mediapreneurship, Podcasting, and Much More

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Chris Brogan is a rock star mediapreneur, author, amazing blogger, product creator, now a podcaster, a world dominator, and an influencer.

As recently as a couple of years ago, Chris published a TON of content on his blog. I mean, seriously, the guy was posting like 8843737.5 times a day. I might have rounded up. Recently, though, he completely changed his strategy and now blogs once a week and does a podcast episode (he is new to doing a show) once a week.

I hate to give it the old “told ya so” moment, but this is one of them. 🙂

Check out this link to an old DSG TV episode (and by old, I mean like August) when I talked about how often to release a new show/podcast/blog post, etc. and why. Is creating amazing, free, no-opt-in-required content necessary? You bet your buttocks it is! Do you need to be publishing every day or every other day? Nope.

This and much more is discussed in today’s conversation with Chris Brogan on The Rise To The Top.

Watch/Listen below and I’m looking forward to your thoughts.


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