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The Changing Marketing World With Scott Scully

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Disclosure: Scott and Abstrakt Marketing are partners of The Rise To The Top, which makes them extra awesome.

A helping hand in the marketing world. Although the “DIY” tools are out there for entrepreneurs and marketers, nothing beats experience from an entrepreneur who has gone through it all. And that is Scott Scully. Scott, who has been on the show before, is the founder of Abstrakt Marketing which is a new approach to the marketing world focused on increasing sales (seriously!).

Scott is an entrepreneur who helps entrepreneurs. The big lesson here is know your DNA. What are you good at and where could you use some help? There are only 24 hours in the day. If you aren’t natural marketer, it is usually best to partner with one and focus on the the things YOU rock at and are good at.

Scott video blogs at the (which has REALLY good content and a lesson that you don’t have be nuts like me to do video. Scott is to the point and soft spoken).

In this interview Scott and I discuss how the Internet has changed marketing, how Abstrakt helps entrepreneurs, a new way to look at business plans and more. Enjoy!

Oh and as a special deal for RISE viewers (and it is a good one): A FREE sit down with Abstrakt to do an audit of your marketing and sales. No obligation or anything. I have a feeling they will turn on a light bulb or two for you. Just shoot ’em an email or call.

Unlock Enrollment in Create Awesome Online Courses

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