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A Candid Conversation with World Class Poker Player, Author and Celebrity Apprentice Runner-Up Annie Duke

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Today on The Rise To The Top: OK, let’s be honest. Two seasons ago today’s guest should have really won Celebrity Apprentice (she was the runner-up). I remember actually being pissed when she lost to Joan Rivers in the final and yelling at the TV. Of course I’m talking about author, mother, television star, entrepreneur and – most importantly – world-class poker player, Annie Duke. She’s in the house today for a super candid conversation covering a wide variety of topics, including what really goes on with Celebrity Apprentice to getting involved with poker before “poker got sexy” and some of the really cool projects Annie has going on right now. Enjoy!


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  1. TwoPlusTwo says:

    Annie is a known cheat in the poker world and has stolen from poker charities.  There are several great threads over at TwoPlusTwo to confirm this. I’m interested in listening to this later to see what she has to say in regards to what you asked her.  Hopefully it’s a good one!

    1. David Siteman Garland says:

      My goal on this show is to have fun conversations with interesting people/entrepreneurs.

      I’m an interrogative reporter or care to be one, so I keep the convos light based on topics that I and my community will find interesting.

    2. Pat says:

      Two plus two ….stop your whining. I guess you guys are raking it in and making tons of money for poker? There is a whole group of you whiners that turn me off.

      Thanks David for trying to bring some fun back in poker.

      1. David Siteman Garland says:

         Appreciate that Pat!

      2. TwoPlusTwo says:

        I think you’re over-reacting Pat.  David does a great job interviewing interesting individuals and providing his readers with knowledge and insight they otherwise wouldn’t get.   For that, I commend David.  

        However, poker and the poker world is something that I’m fairly familiar with.  Having said that, Annie Duke has a TERRIBLE reputation in the poker world.   She was heavily involved in UltimateBet, which shut down and stole players funds.  Additionally, she’s ran charity tournaments and stole the prize pools as well as stole from other charity events.  In fact, Annie even took a massive loan from UltimateBet (via players funds), the site she endorsed, and when the site shut down, the company never refunded players their funds because they were spent(via Annie).

        My intent is to inform the viewers of this as it’s not David’s job to know all this, nor would he know all this if he wasn’t actively involved in the poker world.  While the interview is great, it’s important that we see both sides of the story and it’s important that Annie doesn’t use a personal agenda of positive spotlight to take advantage of someone like David, who has nothing but positive intents.

        If I’m over the line in bringing this knowledge to the table, I apologize.  I felt it was justified that viewers know this and I’d like to know if I were in viewers shoes.

        1. Pat says:

          Yes I know your a guy that knows a lot about poker and has a web site. That is great. My point is- your just a guy in poker with a website AND your opinion. You guys throw rumors around like panties. Whatever- I want to have fun and be entertained and watch/play poker- THe whining and finger pointing is really annoying- just sayin.

          I forgot- I guess everyone else in poker is a saint.

          Best of luck to you on your site.

          1. David Siteman Garland says:

            I think everyone needs a group hug. Lets hug it out 🙂

  2. Kieran says:

    Pat, you did not even read TwoPlusTwo’s message, very ignorant.

    Annie Duke STOLE money from CHARITY EVENTS. She stole money from other poker professionals. I don’t know what “rumours” you talk of because this is nothing but fact. And for you not to even acknowledge this is terribly one sided.

    Not everyone in the poker world is a saint? When did TwoPlusTwo say anything different? He was pointing out that the interviewer needs to know the truth about one of his interviewee’s shady history, before automatically putting her in good light to all of his listeners and fans.

    If someone stole money from you Pat, would like that person being interviewed, talking about how good a person they are and getting away with that theft?

    No I would not think so. 

    Also David “I’m an interrogative reporter”?

    I do not like your attitude or your response to TwoPlusTwo.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!