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Business Basics For Entrepreneurs With Howard Mann

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(Episode length: 20:40)

Sometimes it is good to get back to the basics for us entrepreneurs.

Shiny new business toys pop up all the time. It is easier than ever to pivot directions in your business. Try something new. Innovate. Sometimes we all lose site of the big picture. Why we are all in business. What really matters.

So, today I figured we could all get a little grounded and be reminded about some key principles. Howard Mann, author of Your Business Brickyard (link to his site) joins me to discuss ways we can all get back to the basics.

We discuss:

How you can reconnect with your purpose.

Why all the truth is in the cash account.

How you business grows from relationships and not sales.

Pay fast. Get paid even faster (SO darn important).

Plus more.

Connect With Howard:

On his website.

On Twitter.

What are some more business basics that are often overlooked or forgotten about entirely?

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