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The Non-Douchy Approach to Building Badass Biz Relationships with Special Guest Saul Colt

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OK, so when it comes to being a rocking mediapreneur, there are really three magic things you need (I mean, yes there are more, but here is the core).

  1. A badass audience of raving fans
  2. Badass products and services
  3. Badass relationships with key players (not like pimps…I’m talking the important people in your niche)

And if you miss one, two or heaven help ya, all three of these things – you might be in troubbbleeeeee.

Example, you have a great audience of fans (yay!), everyone knows you and you know everyone cool in your niche (yay!), but you don’t have a product/service = no money (boo!).

Or you have a great product/service (yay!), a badass audience of raving fans (yay!), but you are having trouble expanding because you don’t know anyone outside your home (cat doesn’t count).

The problem is, I bet there are people you want to meet, but might not be sure of the *best* approach to not come off as a…well…douche-a-saurus.┬áToday, I discuss some things to do and things definitely not to do, with Freshbooks’ Head of Magic, Saul Colt.

Enjoy! And what key mistakes do you see others making when looking to build biz relationships? Lemme know in the comments.


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