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How Boogie Wipes Went From Idea To Product To 3.4 Million In Sales

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Have you dreamt about creating a physical product of some kind? Or perhaps you have created something and are looking to get it out there? A big invention? How do you go from idea to product to customers? Do you have to be some kind of special genius to do it? Is it best to go through stores or try selling it yourself online?

Mindee Dooney and Julie PickensIf so, you are in for a treat today as we are going to go behind the scenes of Little Busy Bodies created by Mindee Dooney and Julie Pickens (two rocking mompreneurs). Their product, Boogie Wipes, did 3.5 million in sales (!) last year and is in over 50,000 (!!) locations. This definitely left me with ONE big questions that we could all learn from: How did they do it?

In this interview with Julie and Mindee I pick their brains on:

-How they went from idea to product.

-The keys to distribution.

-How they generated buzz.

-Their mompreneur blog and what that has done for them.

-The secrets of marketing and promoting their product.

…and much more.

The hope here, like every RISE interview, is for you to pick out some inspiration and tidbits for your business. Let us all know your thoughts below.

Connect With Julie and Mindee:

On their website

On their Business Of Being A Mom blog

On Twitter

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