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Say Goodbye To The Billable Hour With Alexis Martin Neely

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Billable hours aka “trading time for money.”

Necessary evil? Or are there some alternatives?

How about all those things that most entrepreneurs don’t find that sexy….taxes, legal, accounting, insurance. Yuck. Is there a way for these topics to become something more than another necessary evil? Can they actually be fun and empowering to deal with?

Today’s guest Alexis Martin Neely wants you to say goodbye to the billable hour mindset. Known to many as the “lawyer you love” Alexis has built an incredible personal brand and two million dollar businesses in the past five years. Her revolutionary business model (based on unique memberships) has been making over the legal industry and is dipping into others as well. She is also a media magnet and appeared on everything from Fox to CNBC.

In this interview: Alexis tells her story and advice for you, how she came up with her revolutionary business model and evolved it, personality and brand building, keys to marketing, media and expertise and a lot more. My hope, as always, is you find the delicious nuggets and takeaways you can start using in your business.

Links Mentioned:

Alexis’ Website (where you can find out about all her goodies)

Alexis On Twitter

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