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Ask David: Help! I have lots of topics I want to create my mediapreneur brand around. Do I need to choose just one?

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Drumroll please….it is time for ASK DAVID.

Not surprisingly (captain obvious here), Ask David is where I answer one of your most presssssssssing questions. And give you the no-BS-no-fluff answers.

Here is today’s question (and holy wow it is a good one). From Anna:

David HELP!!!!  I have lots of topics, I want to create a mediapreneur brand around.  Fitness, clothing and marketing. Do I need to choose just one? Any tips?

Such a great question. And totally the plight of those of us that are ‘multi-passionate.’

The good news? I have a definitive answer for you today and can sum it up in about 5 minutes.

Watch below and hop into the comments and join the ole discussion.




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  1. Emma Nutrition says:

    Great vid as usual! I get super excited (in a non-stalky way!) when I see one of your emails pop up. Anyhow, what if one is already an ‘expert’ academically but that topic is not super exciting to the public? Can I package say 6 topics into one?

    1. I think there is a balance, all about positioning 🙂

  2. Elisa Lionne says:

    I love that you offer these 3 very simple steps to figure out which path to choose. That makes a topic that can seem overwhelming in one’s head very easy to deal with.

  3. Love this! It does take years to gain credibility and so many entrepreneurs want it tomorrow. It doesn’t work that way! Oh and if you want some fluff, go pet a bunny, is an awesome line!! You cracked me up! Thanks David!

    1. haha glad you enjoyed that one 🙂

  4. Damn, man. I’ve been having the same issue (question?) for like 7 years now. Can you believe it? I lately decided to focus specifically on creating courses on WordPress SEO.

    1. I think after 7 years it is good you made a decision 🙂 Now go get ’em.

  5. JenniferGrayeb says:

    Great video! I had the same challenge, after years of building my “brand” in the fitness space, I realized I was much more passionate about blogging and digital marketing. While I still do a few fitness related things online on the side (more of a hobby), my focus now is on providing blog tips, and I’ve found that much of my audience actually followed me on my new journey!

  6. Deb says:

    Hi David, Love your stuff and am a CAOC, kinda off the topic, but you know how you recommend gotomeeting on your show – well – I was a little confused with all the gotomeeting products – you say on your site you use gotomeeting to record your sessions-

    I started trailling this and then realised i needed gotowebinar as I want to host online live coaching sessions – thanks so much for the 45 day trial!! – –

    I only want to use one of these – so is it the gotomeeting you use – or the gotowebinar?

    I know you used google plus hangouts once for a live session – and this is free I think – so do you have any recommendatons?

    thanks so much – you are so easy to connect with


    1. GoToWebinar = for webinars 🙂

      GoToMeeting = for meetings with I think 6 people or less.

  7. Scrivener Coach says:

    Hey David, you’re so right – this question was huge. There are a million different ways to go online. I strugled with this big time! I guess I still do a little.

    I think I have a new measuring standard though thanks to you. If it makes me excited enough to touch my face then I know I’m in the right place. Haha you crack me up man. Seriously though great stuff. Like Sue Ziimmerman with Instagram, I decided to go all out with Scrivener and start building that reputation like you said. Thatnks for the great advice as always!

    1. Very cool. Love how specific your topic is. Fantastic. Yeah, sometimes you just have to touch your face. Hah.

      1. Scrivener Coach says:

        Thanks David! Do you use Scrivener by chance? If you do let me know and I’ll hit you up with a free pass to the course…

  8. Señor Vega says:

    how come you’re never quite looking at the camera? lol

  9. Fitness Podcast says:

    So I’m in the middle of making this decision right now. I’ve got 2 podcasts/blogs going and I’m realizing I can’t sustain both. My favorite is fitness however I realize it’s much tougher to make money at that…Any advice?

    1. My advice is in the video my friend 🙂

  10. Clara Rose says:

    Well uncle David… who is so much younger than me… great video again.
    I educate teams and equip entrepreneurs… sort of two different audiences but I am already very involved in both sides of my business strategy.
    The work I do is pretty much the same, I speak or train a group of people… but the message is different for each group. Do you think I need to narrow it down to one group?
    Your thoughts oh guru of entrepreneurs?

    1. Only you can answer that. Are both businesses super successful? OR are you being pulled between them?

      1. Clara Rose says:

        I have never looked at them as different businesses. I have been speaking since 2003 but the corporate work has only been since 2010 when a new topic got my attention and I added that… it does speak to a different audience though and sometimes I do feel pulled between the two.
        I guess neither side is as successful as it could be… I simply trade my time for money. I have been following you for awhile now and have realized that I need a different strategy.
        Some days… I really do want to just pet the bunny but there is no money in it my friend. Thanks for your thoughts.

  11. Christina says:

    I know this is old. But in case anyone is still reading this: David, you’re awesome. But, there is an amazing lady named Emilie Wopnick who addresses this very issue and has come up with some brilliant ways on how to make all of your passions work for you. is her website where she talks more about how you can make a business out of all of the things you love the most.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!