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6 Reasons Why I Moved My Entire Business To Office Auto Pilot

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Today’s mini lesson I’ve got for you has been a long time coming.

Earlier this year, I decided to move basically my entire business to Office Auto Pilot (to handle everything from email marketing to order forms to affiliate programs to….all kinds of other stuff).

Today I want to share with you WHY I did it (and what it has allowed me to do).

Watch today’s mini lesson below, and I’ll make sure to hop into the comments section and answer as many questions as I can as well (because Uncle David loves you).




If you want to give Office Auto Pilot (also called ONTRAPORT don’t be confused same company they are going through a rebrand) a shot, cool.

Make sure to use my special link

That link will take you an opportunity to sign up for a free demo to see how it all works. They have an awesome team who will hook you up with a sweet demo.

And as mentioned, I spoke with the Office Auto Pilot peeps and worked out something cool just for RISE Nation if you decide to go with them. If you purchase through my link you will get…

2 free hours with an implementation coordinator (help you get going, build stuff with you, etc.)

Free strategy session & Mapping session (they will help you map out your funnels and everything….sweet!)


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  1. Yes! I love hearing about OAP ( ontraport ). I am a Tech Admin who supports it and I LOVE it! and it works great from the iPad I learned on your website DSG! <3

  2. John Shea says:

    I have heard good things about this platform in terms of your e-mail hitting junk folders or not. I have actually had to move some of your e-mails in the past from junk into my inbox. I’d totally sign up if it wasn’t for the steep costs! I am currently happy with GetResponse as a build up my e-mail list.

    1. Yah, I view the cost as actually really low. Especially if you combine a bunch of the other services and look at cost. All about how you choose to invest in your biz.

    2. I use GetResponse as well, and am very pleased. However, I maintain OAP/Ontraport for clients and am always amazed at the power of having it all under one hood.

      I would say only think about migrating over if you are going to commit to a higher level of marketing (and expect bigger ROIs). Otherwise it’s just another expense and shiny tool.

  3. Alissa Marquess says:

    I am probably being dense here, but am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea of having all of my emails/affiliates/courses in one spot. This means that if I were to use this, I would no longer use Mail Chimp, but my lists would transfer to OAP? And e-junkie items would move over there? I really really like the idea of simplifying things, but get concerned about the learning curve.

    1. You have it right, everything moves over.

      1. Alissa Marquess says:

        Ok, wow. Thanks for the review! The cost isn’t bad then considering all of the things it handles. Huh.

  4. Paul says:

    DSG – thanks for putting this up. I have been considering moving over to AOP from aWeber for quite some time now. We have a huge aWeber list and I am a little bit concerned about transferring it over to AOP.

    Was your transfer seamless from your subscribers perspective? I looked back through your old email and realized that around March 21st, 2013, you moved us from aweber to AOP. Obviously as a subscriber I didn’t even know that had occurred until I looked right now, however, did you have any problems?

    Are you using the pilot pluggin to manage membership for your Create Awesome Online Courses program?

    1. Nope, because you don’t need to re-opt in anyone. As long as they opted in on Aweber, awesome, you just transfer them over and it’s business as usual.

      Yes, Pilot Press manages CAOC and also all my other stuff now like Create Awesome Interviews, etc.

      1. Paul says:

        One thing that people should consider is this. Even if you aren’t ready to move over to OAP due to complexity, costs, etc., you can still move over to OAP’s little brother platform — SendPepper. If you are just in the list building stage, that should suffice and the basic package is about 1/10 of the cost of OAP. When you’re ready to go live on OAP, there is a one-click upgrade — no transfer necessary. SendPepper will allow you to experiment and get up to speed before you go all in on OAP.

  5. AndreaShillington says:

    Thanks David… I’ve been thinking about moving over and having the OAP / IS debate so thanks for simplifying the pros and cons for me.

  6. Donna Moritz says:

    Love this Uncle David – i have spent this week chatting to their team ready to sign up next week, and they have been super helpful with explaining how the whole system works re the migration and what I need to do to get ready etc and also their concierge team for the set up of the website. So thanks for the final rah rah rah about OAP…and I will use your link as to be honest, CAOC has been massively helpful for me, so you get my link click. Have a fantastic weekend – it’s Friday night Down Under (wine time) so I can say that already!

    1. That’s awesome D. Great to hear!

  7. cheftony says:

    I have “used” Infusionsoft for a year, and it’s complexity is overwhelming…at least to me. Ontraport is a fun feel company, their style is very usable, and very simply designed…why “fight” with your online home base? I’m starting this week with Ontraport.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!