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3 Tips For Using Facebook During Your Next Product Launch

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Anyhow…GREAT question came in today for Maria:

“David, I have a product launch coming up in a few weeks. So nervous and excited. One thing I’m wondering about…how should I use Facebook for my product launch?! I’m afraid I’m doing it ‘wrong’ right now. Any tips?”

Great question Maria and I’ve got two plans of action to help out with this one.

First of all, here are my big three tips (with the help of today’s guest on The Rise To The Top the amazing all-things-Facebook-master Amy Porterfield).


Tip #1: One Single Goal

One goal = Easy to measure, accomplish
A bunch of different goals = Difficult, stressful, ugh

Your singular goal during a launch when it comes to Facebook is this:

Get folks from Facebook to opt in via email to something awesome and free. This could be a free video series, webinar, etc.

It’s isn’t about likes (although those will go up during a launch), it isn’t about anything else…it is about the leads.


Tip #2: Behind-The-Scenes

OK, so for your launch, obviously you are going to be driving folks to *some* kind of free content i.e. a webinar, video series, etc. One of the struggles on Facebook is you can only say “check out the free video series” or “register for the free webinar” so many times before people are like BOOOOOOO!

Solution? Find creative ways to keep bringing it up. One of the very best ways to do this is sharing ‘behind-the-scenes’ content. It taps into the voyeur in all of us. For example: A behind-the-scenes photo of you shooting a video. A photo of your 100 slides for your webinar (yes, I’m serious). People LOVE this stuff.

And it allows you to get in a shameless plug.

For example: Super tired after the video shoot for the brand new video series. Do you like my ‘on camera’ dress? (and then a photo of you in the dress). BTW have you registered for the free video series yet? (link)


Tip #3: Tie It In (always)

Your content strategy + Facebook strategy go hand-in-hand. So let’s say your new online course is coming out and it is How To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking In 30 Days. And you have a Facebook page full of dog owners where you share your weekly content (as well as your email list of course).

For the time period around your launch (at LEAST a few weeks before) make sure your content is related to the topic of the product.

For example, let’s say the dog mediapreneur posts a short video each week with a dog trick or something, all the videos leading up to the launch need to be focused on barking: The #1 essential tip to get your dog to stop barking, the 3 ‘hidden’ triggers that are causing your dog to bark, etc.

And then, at the end of these videos, simply have an opt-in for something related to the launch i.e. “Loved these tips? Register for next week’s webinar ‘7 ways to stop your dog from barking (without bribing with a treat) right here where I’ll be teaching my best strategies’

I discuss these strategies and much more with the MASTER of all things Facebook Amy Porterfield below in a 15 minute-convo-of-fun. Enjoy it!

Also, Amy is serving up a delicious helping of free training on October 1st. The webinar is titled: “How to Create Just ONE Facebook Marketing Campaign You Can Repeat Again & Again”

I’d HIGHLY recommend checking out. I’ve blocked it out on my calendar.

Register right here for the webinar.


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  1. Mike Kawula says:

    Amy Rocks – Looking forward to the webinar. Some great quick tips, thanks!

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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