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17 Creative Examples Of Utilizing Online Video For Business

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We Are In The Midst Of The Online Video Revolution

Never has there been a better opportunity for businesses to tap into the online video world without a multi-million dollar budget, 15-person crew and other super expensive and annoying stuff.

And this isn’t fluff.

Here are some folks that rock at online video and will provide some inspiration for you.

Realize, some of the examples are “techy” meaning people that talk about technology (which makes sense because techy people often know what is coming next and jump on things early) but their techniques, style and more will hopefully provide a spark for you.

Most of these videos were done without huge budgets and big equipment. Some, like Geek Brief, are a bit on the higher end, but the idea is to show you a wide scope.

So without further ado and in no particular order, enjoy. Below are links so you can check everyone out.

Hubspot TV: Weekly marketing podcast featuring inbound marketing stories, tips and tricks (and they do it live…cool).

Scobleizer: Legendary tech blogger who interviews start ups and cool companies.

Mixergy: Andrew Warner interviews successful folks for his community.

NameTagTV: “The Nametag Guy” Scott Ginsberg offers advice to those looking to be more approachable (he is the king of approachability)

KT Tape: Thank you to Twitter friend Jenn_if_fer for letting me know about this one. A GREAT example of showing the uses for a product via video.

Geek Brief: Cali Lewis is one of the more innovative video producers and has a long running series on tech. She is always on the cutting (bleeding) edge.

CommandN: Amber Mac (who will be a guest in a couple of weeks) in another video show on tech-related goodies. The learning point is it is well-produced and simple.

Wine Library TV: We couldn’t have this list without Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary-Vay-Ner-Chuk who has proven time and time again it isn’t about the equipment, it is about the passion.

“Random”: Tim Ferriss (Four Hour Workweek) and Kevin Rose (Digg) chit-chat about various topics. Best part is you get to really know them as people and not just text.

Steve Garfield: The author of “Get Seen” knows a thing or two thousand about online video. His “one minute book reviews” are clever and effective. I bet they sell a bunch of books for the authors as well.

Chevrolet Volt’s Posterous: Even big brand Chevy is doing online video by being smarter, faster, cheaper. Check out their new collection of “underground feeling” authentic videos. Love it (and thanks to Steve Garfield for pointing them out) (Note: Johnny Londoff Chevrolet is a sponsor of RISE; however, that is separate from this site on the volt and the choice to include them in this list)

TWIT LIVE: The godfather of online video + audio. Or at least the innovator and the person making (pretty much) the most money from it. Leo Laporte is always streaming live. Literally 24/7 in one way or another as he continues to create the “online version of CNN”.

Lewis Howes: Lewis has simple tutorials and ideas on using LinkedIn better and he captures them through video. For visual learners (which studies show is 65% of us, it is a must watch).

Josh Shipp: It is simple. Youth speaker Josh Shipp. A camera. A couch. It is all about his message, not the set.

Tungle.Me. A great online scheduling service I talked about a couple months ago. And a great example of educating potential users right when they get to the site with a short easy-to-understand video which allows people to “get it” right away.

Chris Brogan: Chris is an unbelievable writer and now taps into sporadic video. I think you will agree it adds personality and spices things up.

TeuxDeux: Check out the intro video for this online to-do list. First of all it is really funny. Second it was easy to create and shows you exactly what their product is about AND personality. Love it.

Of course there are many more examples I missed. Make sure to leave them below as I’m sure we will ALL value from them.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!