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Michael Stelzner On How Propelled From 0-85,000 Subscribers In Less Than Two Years

8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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NOTE: Michael was cool enough to be giving away a signed copy of his book Launch to a member of the RISE community (SWEET!). Whomever promotes this interview in the most creative way (and tells us about it in the comments) will get the book shipped to them. Let the fun begin.

Michael Stelzner knows a thing or two when it comes to building a passionate audience and building a successful media business. Already on the show once before, Michael is the founder of He created Social Media Examiner a couple years ago for around $5,000. And take a look at what has happened since:

  • 50+ “A-List”, high-quality bloggers contribute high-quality articles, videos, etc. monthly.
  • They have literally millions of page views and nearly 86,000 email subscribers in 19 months.
  • Social Media Examiner went from an unknown to a powerhouse in just a few months.
  • They are running successful online events that thousands of people pay for.
  • Revenue went from $0 to over $1,000,000 in less than one year.
  • Michael is having the time of his life and is excited about his business every day.

And now Michael has taken the knowledge he has accumulated by doing and put it all into his new book Launch: How To Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond The Competition.

I was lucky enough to grab Michael today to share some of the concrete strategies he used so we can all steal them and use them. Enjoy!

About Today’s Guest, Michael Stelzner:

Michael StelznerMichael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner – a popular online magazine that helps businesses answer social media questions with useful ‘how to’ articles, in-depth case studies, expert interviews, and original research. He’s author of the new book Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition. He also authored the book Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged and the Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

As an innovative thought leader and experienced marketer, Stelzner has gained the full respect of social media leaders and business marketing experts alike. In less than 18 months, grew from infancy to boasting over 80,000 subscribers and is now the top small business blog in the world according to Technorati. He also pioneered the highly popular Social Media Success Summits, which have sold out for two years in a row – in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. The principles that Stelzner teaches are the very concepts that helped him build two highly successful businesses that made him a leading expert in both industries.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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