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We get it. You need to scale your business and add another revenue stream. It’s what you need to do to scale your business to the next level!

But to make sure you’ll really scale, you need to know WHAT will work and HOW to implement it in a way that isn’t confusing or chaotic…because you don’t need another chaotic process in your business. Your entrepreneur brain doesn’t need additional confusion, too.

In our experience, there are two really great straightforward ways to add additional revenue to an existing business and neither requires you to reinvent the wheel.  

They can seamlessly integrate into your existing business to supplement your current offering while also creating a new stream of income.

Method 1: Monthly Subscription Site

Let’s talk about one of the most magical terms in business: Recurring Revenue.

Quick definition of terms: recurring revenue simply means a subscription that someone pays over-and-over for. Each and every month. 


Amazon Prime.


We have Platform University, Digital Marketer Labs, or Real Plans in the education space.

The list goes on…


The trick with recurring revenue is to make sure that you continue to provide value so folks will stick around.

That’s a win-win revenue stream. 

They like what you make and in return, you get their loyalty (and monthly subscription payments.) 

Having a membership-based program can boost the lifetime value of a customer dramatically; after all, it costs a lot more to gain a customer than to keep a customer, right?

It sounds like God’s gift to every entrepreneur, isn’t it? Every month, you’re guaranteed that this number of people will pay you this amount of money on this specific day.

So what would you do if we tell you that you CAN have that?

Will you call us a scam and close this window? No, we’re not a scam. We hate scams. Ew.

This is legit. And you don’t really have to be a household name like Netflix or be some venture-backed, Silicon Valley start-up to cash in on subscriptions and membership sites.

YOU can enjoy recurring revenue from subscriptions and membership sites from the business that you have right now.


There are membership sites for every topic under the sun (from music lessons to fitness for new moms) and there is plenty of room for you to bring your knowledge, expertise & passion for whatever-your-topic-is. 

Membership sites can be a business itself or can easily complement (and increase the lifetime value of your customers) a variety of business models including online courses, coaching and much more.

The key is knowing how to do it correctly. And not wasting years and tons of money trying to figure it out on your own/guessing/trial and error.

Method 2: Group Coaching Programs

Now, you might (err probably) have seen that are a MILLION ways to coach out there.

You can be a 1-on-1 coach. There is nothing more intimate than to sit with someone, sort things out, and share your knowledge. However, there is also nothing LESS scalable than this setup. I mean there is only 1 of you and 24 hours in a day, right?

Of course, we won’t propose an idea, tell you it’s cons, and not whisper a better alternative.

You can always create an online course which is a version of coaching…at scale (YAY) which is awesome but also, in many cases lacks the intimacy & personalization of working with people directly.

BUT, what if we tell you you could COMBINE the intimacy and personalization of  1-on-1 coaching and still have the scalability and leverage of online courses?

It’s possible. It has been done. And it’s called group coaching. 

In the wonderful world of group coaching, you leverage the power of a small group achieving a goal with you leading and coaching.

It’s the ultimate win-win.

As with any revenue stream and business model…there is good news.

There are folks who have come before you who have mastered it. They know the ins and outs. They know the pitfalls and traps. They know the successful strategies, tips, and short cuts.

I’m excited to do both, but HOW do I exactly do these things?

So glad you asked.

Instead of spending years on trial and error to try to figure out what works, why not learn from people who know exactly how to show you the way?

Meaning showing you EVERY step to create your own successful membership site or group coaching program (or better yet, both!).

And what if we told you could learn everything you need to know to create an additional revenue stream in one-day?

Yup. That’s not a typo.

ONE day.


 The Revenue Booster Bundle. 

This is a special combination of workshops designed for those who want to add another stream of revenue to an existing product 

(OR get started with coaching and membership sites).

What do I get in this awesome bundle?

Create Awesome Online Coaching Programs

Coaching: aka helping people win gold medals!

  • So what’s the difference between group coaching, 1:1 coaching, mentoring & masterminds (and does it really matter)?
  • The art, science & expertise of group-coaching
  • You the coach
  • Getting started (and know you are doing it the right way)

Irresistible Coaching Offers

  • How coaching groups position your brand
  • Types of coaching offers (and how to decide which is best for your clients)
  • Coaching format & content
  • Planning & timetables

The F Word of Coaching: Facilitation!

  • Skills & qualities of a great facilitator
  • Listening & questioning expertise
  • How to help people set (and achieve) goosebump goals

The ABC’s and 123’s of coaching

  • The good, the bad & the ugly of coaching process
  • Pace, pitfalls & parking lots!
  • Workathons and other uses for coaching!

The tech bit

  • The lowdown on tools & platforms for online coaching
  • Communication mediums
  • Recordings

The people bit

  • Tricky and prickly personalities
  • The ‘in-between’ coaching sessions – the role of followup

Plus 3 BIG bonuses:

BONUS #1 – Coach Planner/Map (for the coach): This simple tool helps you keep track of the progress of your clients on coaching calls… increases accountability and action taking (and your coachees will be left feeling amazed at your followup abilities, plus they will feel ultra looked after!)

BONUS #2 – Coaching Tracker Templates (for the coachees): Your coaching clients need all the accountability help they can get. These simple tools can be modified to both group coaching and 1:1 coaching programs – and gives your clients a way to not only keep track of how they are going, but helps them measure their results.

BONUS #3Enrollment Call Framework (to guarantee higher conversions from call to coaching): Most people blow it when conducting ‘enrollment’ or ‘discovery’ calls. This bonus lesson that covers the absolute best practices for ensuring people are scrambling to join your coaching programs. You can use these techniques for 1:1 coaching, group coaching and high end mastermind calls… even if you don’t think you are good at selling!

Recurring Revenue Now

Step #1: Creating Your Membership (Creating & building your framework)

  • Benchmarks
  • Content mapping
  • Organization

Step #2: Creating Your Irresistible Offer

  • Determining the transformation
  • Deciding on the content “mix”
  • Goldilocks method for content creation
  • Adding in bonuses

Step #3: Choosing The RIGHT Simple Tools

  • Membership platforms
  • Kinds of communities
  • How to conduct live calls

Step #4: Launching Your Membership The Right Way

  • Launching with an audience
  • Launching without an audience
  • Using ads to boost your offer
  • Positioning your membership

Step #5: Bringing In Members After Your First Launch

  • Different kinds of membership (open and closed)
  • Referrals and affiliates
  • Built-in testimonial gathering for continued promotion

Step #6: Managing Your Membership (and Increasing Retention)

  • Onboarding
  • Content & Communication
  • Community
  • Other Strategies

Step #7: Setting Yourself Up For Long Term Success & Ongoing Recurring Revenue

  • What comes next?
  • Ways to build off your membership site for additional revenue

PLUS Awesome bonuses to make your life even easier:

  • Bonus #1: Monthly Content Calendar
  • Bonus #2: Weekly Newsletter Template
  • Bonus #3: Powerful Onboarding Sequence (with retention strategies baked in to 3x the lifetime value of every member)

COOL! I want it. How do I get it!

Instead of charging the typical $1,997 (2k) like others do to for this level of training, we wanted to make this much more approachable and affordable for those who are serious about implementing a new revenue stream.

This is why the cost for this bundle of masterclasses is not thousands of dollars, but just one payment of $697 (credit card or PayPal). You save $1,300!

HOWEVER, we are going to do you one better and take $100 off if you grab this special offer today, making your cost just $597.

You can grab the Revenue Building bundle right here today for $597!

(And of course, if you would rather focus on only one revenue stream, you can grab Create Awesome Coaching Programs here and Recurring Revenue Now here.)