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Want to dip your toes into the waters of live and in-person, offline events?

Go for it!

Live, in-person events are a time-tested and proven “secret strategy” that automatically attracts the “top 1%” of customers who are motivated to get results, and work with you in an intimate setting.

In fact, putting on a LIVE event—whether it’s a large seminar, a small workshop, an intimate retreat, or something in between—is one of the most powerful marketing strategies you could have in your arsenal.

A Live Event Gives You Instant Credibility And Authority!

With an event, you get up close and connect with people on a personal level. You can communicate with them face to face and build a relationship. Which as you may already know is a key factor in the success of your business.

While it’s true that the world is now smaller because of the internet, the longing for person-to-person interaction and intimacy is now stronger. This is something that simply cannot be replicated with live casts, webinars, emails, and social media (even though all of those mediums are still VERY powerful)!

Hosting or even just speaking at an event allows you to grow that relationship with your ideal audience quickly, in the space of an hour or less.

Better yet…

Customers Who Come To A Live Event Are More Dedicated And Will Generally Spend More Money With You!

They will ALSO be more motivated to succeed…

They will have jumped through many hoops to get to you (boarded a flight, rented a car, drove across town, etc.) vs. a customer who bought from you over the Internet.

Live events allow you to have fewer customers and still meet your income goals—vs. sticking with online marketing.

Also, being at a live event will positions you as a leader—not just an expert—in your field.

It allows you to stand apart in a crowded marketplace because, to be frank, almost nobody else is doing them.

Live Events Also Shrink The Sales Cycle!

Say you don’t need to build your authority & credibility and you don’t really care whether or not you have dedicated customers, you SHOULD get in on live events because you can generate more revenue from just ONE event you host than most people make the entire YEAR!

They Start a Buzz, Too!

Finally, putting on a live event not only increases your reach within your customers but also your niche.

People who have never heard of you are now talking about you because you are hosting a live event—something that is virtually impossible if you’re just doing webinars and live casts.

You must be thinking that you’re not a big “guru” to start putting on live events. 

“I’m not expert enough”

“No one will listen to me”

“Maybe I need more certifications”

“I’m not famous”

“There’s someone out there who can do this better than me”

That’s the imposter syndrome speaking. NOT YOU. 

Just like when you started your business, you have to start somewhere. Just having 5-10 people at your first live event could be the start of something you can easily scale to be “bigger”.

Imposter, out! 

Me, IN! 

How do I start?

And That’s Where My Friend And Superstar Instructor, Rachel, Comes In

Rachel began her career as a Ballet Dancer in Australia working with Opera Australia Ballet Company and the Australian Ballet. 

She trained as an aerialist at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne and has traveled the world working as a dancer and aerialist performing in Europe, China, Japan, and the USA. 

As a solo aerialist she has performed for Cirque Du Soleil, Disney, American Horror Story, Michael Jackson, Hell’s Kitchen, Syfy’s Face Off, and HUNDREDS of special events, concerts, and parties all over the world! 

So what does it have to do with putting on live events?

Back in 2012, Rachel joined forces with Brett Womack to create the aerial performance duo and company Womack and Bowman. 

In 2016, they launched a line of successful online aerial education programs including the world’s first comprehensive online Aerial Silks certification course ‘Master the Silks.’

Come 2018, they launched their first live event ‘AiRise’ Aerial Performance Retreat which was a week-long aerial arts intensive they hosted in their studio in Los Angeles. 

Their First Live Event Sold Out Within A Month Of Registration Opening! 

After the event, they had 12 very satisfied customers and after running the numbers, they discovered that they had made over 25k in PROFIT! 

The following year in 2019, they hosted two retreats that made even MORE profit than the last event. 

They had a number of participants return from the previous year and the results were extraordinarily positive. 

They were able to make at least 25k NET PROFIT from each week-long retreat and the participants were raving about the event and were even scrambling to sign up for the live event this year!

For Womack and Bowman, these live events did not just allow them to meet and connect with valued members of their audience in real life and provide enormous value to them, but it also became a serious income generator for them and their business. 

She’s got winning strategies and you can have them!

We teamed up with Rachel to create a comprehensive workshop where she shares ALL of her secrets related to creating, marketing, delivering and profiting from live (and in-person) boutique events.

The “Event Boutique” Online Workshop

A proven step-by-step process designed to help you confidently plan and launch a profitable live event.

Create: 10 Tips To Planning The Ultimate Boutique Event

  • How far ahead you should plan and market your event ahead of time before the start date
  • The “local” vs. “all-in” options for pricing your event, and the benefits of each\
  • How to create a balanced schedule at your event to optimize the experience for attendees
  • How far ahead you should begin promoting your live event, and what you MUST include in every promotion
  • What you should consider including with your attendees in addition to KILLER content throughout the event
  • How to gather market research on your own attendees ahead of time to best cater sessions to their unique needs and goals 
  • The little tweaks you can make to the packaging of your event materials that go a long way 

Market: How to Market Your Event

  • How to build an engaged list of followers that are ready to buy from you
  • How to determine the number one social media channel to drive your focus
  • The 2 keys to building your social media following
  • Ways you can engage with your audience on social media that will pay off enormously in the long term when you offer a paid event
  • Creating the perfect application process for your event
  • Developing an enticing sales page for your event, and who you should show it to! 
  • How to make attendees feel GOOD for registering, and reduce buyer’s remorse
  • A major contributing factor that will help SELL your event (note: this same principle works with ANYTHING, including online courses!)
  • How to best promote your event to your email list without “overdoing” the promotion

Deliver: How To Deliver A Memorable, Life-Changing Event That Will Have Your Participants Begging To Sign Up Again!

  • The opportunities you should set in place for your attendees to move closer towards their hopes, dreams, and desires
  • The power of COMMUNICATION with your attendees, and how it can significantly reduce buyer’s remorse
  • A simple handout you can provide attendees to make them feel safe and cared for at your event
  • Two counter-intuitive activities you should schedule into your event to maximize the effectiveness 
  • How to best follow-up and gauge attendee feedback after the event

Profit: How to Make Your Event “Apple Profitable”

  • How to work backwards to decide on your pricing
  • How to minimize your expenses! (note: we include the areas you’ll need to invest in the most, and we also include the areas you can cut back on)
  • Best practices to do everything that’s in your control to sell out your event

PLUS: The Following Bonuses! 

  • Live Q & A Session: Since this is a LIVE virtual workshop, we’ll be staying on to hear what you want to ask. No question will go unanswered! 
  • “Create” Downloadable Handout: 10 tips to planning the ultimate boutique event pdf
  • “Market” Downloadable Handouts: Not sure where to start when it comes to marketing your event? You’re in for a treat! Rachel provides a copy of the application for my event ‘AiRise’, copy of the sales page for AiRise, sales video for AiRise, and her entire series of sales emails for AiRise! 
  • “Deliver” Downloadable Handouts: Copy of AiRise Attendee survey 
  • “Profit” Downloadable Handouts: AiRise income statement

Give it to me. I’m Ready to Binge Learn!

This workshop was originally conducted live, but Rachel’s strategies are so awesome that we’ve packaged the recordings so we can share this goodness with folks who missed the live session.  And of course, you will get LIFETIME ACCESS to the recordings.

What do you need to get your hands on this workshop?

The cost is normally $397, however, if you grab this workshop now, we’ll knock $100 off the price, making it only $297.

This includes lifetime access to all the recordings and all the bonuses.

Now’s your opportunity to add a KILLER profit center. Contrary to what you might think, you DO NOT need to be famous or followed by hundreds of thousands of people to pull it off. 

You just need a small group of engaged followers that will be happy to invest in what you have to offer, and it will only be a small percentage of your total following. 

As a recap, the benefits of running live events that Rachel discovered are: 

  • Holding a live event allows your customers to get close to you and “bond” with you and your brand
  • When you have a group of clients, customers and fans who are committed to supporting your vision, you’ll grow exponentially faster than someone who’s trying to go it alone
  • Customers who come to a live event are more dedicated and will generally spend more money with you
  • Live events allow you to have fewer customers and still meet your income goals—vs. sticking with only online marketing. 
  • It allows you to earn more from ONE event than some people earn in an entire year 

You can be BRAND new to the event space, and you don’t have to worry about that. We’ll be giving you all the tools in the upcoming workshop. 

The bottom line is if hosting PROFITABLE live events strikes your fancy, nab your training NOW!

Eliminate the guesswork.

Learn the proven system Rachel provides.

And learn how to create, market, deliver and profit from boutique live events. 

Grab the training right here.