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Having a group of people who know, like and trust you enough to purchase your products and services on a regular basis is every entrepreneur’s dream.

How awesome would it be when you know that every time you have a new product or service, you have a “tribe” waiting for you to launch, ready to purchase?

You have a guarantee that you’re not wasting your resources on creating something new and it always feels good knowing that the world loves your business.

Just like every other dream, the path to achieving it is not as straightforward as we plan it to be. 

Remember the twist and turns and bumps on the road that you encountered when you first launched your business? You’ll likely (or maybe you already are) go through it again when you build your tribe.

There are a variety of ways to reach people. The secret sauce is finding the one that works for you and executing it well.

Where to start, right? There’s too much information on the internet it’s impossible to find the right resources to digest.

Did your world crumble? Hold it together – great news coming your way!

Right here, right now, you now have access to our list building resource vault! 

Articles, podcasts, videos, workshops? WE HAVE IT RIGHT HERE JUST FOR YOU.

Check out:

Articles about list building

Podcasts about list building

Videos about list building

How to get your First (or Next) 1,000 Email Subscribers (with Isa Adney from ConvertKit)


The 7 Steps to a Successful Facebook Ads Strategy

There’s also a guide right here Download the Guide

Now, you can take these resources and go at it alone.  Or, you can let us help you along the way and provide a step-by-step process for you to explode your list.  You can grab one of the workshops below, or save some serious dough when you bundle all three and save big. 🙂

Workshops to show you how to build your list

Facebook Ads NOW – $297

This workshop focused on getting your ads up and running.  

With the fountain of FB Ads wisdom that is Tamiko Kelly, you will learn and you will do. Tamiko’s bread and butter is Facebook ads and she is an extremely gifted teacher who makes it SIMPLE and DO-ABLE. 

After the training, you’ll never see FB Ads as some kind of big complicated mess or anything like that.

Grab Facebook Ads Now!

Create Awesome FB Groups – $197

Facebook groups are FREE. The BIG question is how you’re going use it as a tool to grow your list.

In this workshop, you’ll get access to the step-by-step system to create a free FB group that grows your email list, creates incredible relationships and community & sells more of your stuff. 

Who’s teaching?

Hear about Screw The 9-5? YES! Josh and Jill Stanton will cover everything from how to set up your group, to growing and engaging your followers. They’ll even talk about how to sell your products within the group (in a non-sleazy way of course!)

Grab Create Awesome FB Groups!

Rocks Instagram – $197

Not a young and sexy, shimmery, glittery brand? 

Don’t worry. Instagram isn’t just for those kinds of businesses.

Learn how to build and leverage a following on Instagram (even if you aren’t super sexy & nobody knows who you are). Taught by rising star and internet personality Lauren Tickner, this workshop covers how to optimize your account, hack hashtags, go viral and more!

Grab Rock Instagram!

Bundle and save!

The Ultimate Marketing Bundle – $497

Designed to help customers expand their reach and generate an audience of people who know, like and trust you.

  • Includes: Facebook Ads Now, Rock Instagram and Create Awesome Facebook Groups
  • Normal Price for all three: $691
  • Savings of 30%

Regular Price for all three: $691

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Say whaaaat?!?!

That’s right.  Get all three workshops for $397.  

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