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You want to grow your audience. Awesome!

The key to making money with your online business is having a group of people who know, like and trust you enough to actually purchase your product or service (thanks captain obvious, right?).

When it comes to building your “tribe”, there are a variety of ways to reach people. The secret sauce is finding the one that works for you and executing it well. We’ve found two main ways to grow your audience online

  • investing money in paid ads (quicker)
  • investing time in organic social growth strategies (less $$)

While the organic route takes more time, it can be done with little to no investment, which makes it a great option for folks who are just starting out, or those who have a limited budget.

We have two recommendations when it comes to organic growth

  • Free Facebook Groups
  • Rocking it out on Instagram

Let’s start with Facebook Groups

The best place to start when you are looking to create a free Facebook group, is our Complete Guide to Creating a Facebook Group that Grows Your Business.

This guide was created by Jill and Josh Stanton from Screw the 9 to 5 – and when it comes to learning how to create and grow a FREE FB group to build your business, there is no two people better to show you the way.

Not only have they run their own successful free FB Group (with over 12,000 members) but they have mastered the art of the art & science of using free FB groups to grow your email list, build community and sell more of your products and programs (and teach others to do the same).

You can also hear them chat all things FB Groups with DSG on an episode of The Rise To The Top Podcast here.

But what about Instagram?

You might be thinking to yourself…wait a minute…isn’t Instagram just for the young and sexy? Or people in a “flashy” industry?

The answer is NOPE.

The fastest growing segment on Instagram is personality-based entrepreneurs and those who sell their expertise. EVERY industry from makeup experts to those who train high powered CEO’s.

Instagram has now become a new “business card” as people will often check your account before working with you, interviewing you, etc.

Instagram matters.

But, what’s the secret sauce to going from completely unknown to rolling in the raving fans AND the business?

Lauren Tickner is the resident expert when it comes to all things Instagram here at The Rise To The Top.  She has done an INCREDIBLE job branding herself, building a following and leveraging that following into a successful business (including online courses, training programs, etc.).

DSG invited her to come on The Rise To the Top Podcast to share her story. You can listen to it here “How a 21 Year Old Built up 129,000 Instagram Followers (and Leveraged it into a Successful Business)”

But how do I actually DO this?

So glad you asked.  There are a lot of free resources out there that you can piece together over time and test things through trial and error, or you can learn straight from the experts.

Introducing Create Awesome Facebook Groups & Rock Instagram.

Each workshop is taught by our resident expert and provides a complete step-by-step process to help you build your list organically.

And, the best part, you can purchase the workshop that works best for you, or bundle them both and save some $$ (yay!).

Create Awesome Facebook Groups teaches you:


  • Which group type is best
  • How to pick a name for your group that helps to grow your biz
  • How to use Join Questions strategically (in a way that fuels your business)
  • 3 must-have rules every FB group needs to stay spam-free


  • How to use your website to funnel people to your group 24/7
  • How to use your email list — TY Pages, Indoc emails, Power of the PS
  • How to use your social media platforms to turn followers into members
  • How to use other people’s platforms to grow your group
  • How to put up a simple redirect to promote on interviews/features


  • How to use Facebook’s built in welcome post to build your business
  • How to use FB Group Insights to see your best days
  • How to create 1-sentence posts that triples your FB group engagement
  • How to create a month’s worth of group posts in one day


  • How to find out if people are clicking your links
  • How to use pinned posts to sell your best offers
  • How to use Facebook live to convert members into customers
  • How to use Facebook comment replies to pimp your stuff

PLUS Special bonus: The FB Groups Secret Weapon: This is the FULL management procedure that Josh & Jill use to run their FB group and now you can copy it for yours. Including…

  • welcoming new members
  • monthly content calendar
  • member of the week award process
  • pipeline process for driving members towards relevant offers

+ much more!

Nab Create Awesome Facebook Groups for $197 now or bundle it and get BOTH Workshops for $297 (that’s $100 in savings!).

Rock Instagram will show you:

  • How to optimize your Instagram profile for success (username, name, bio, profile pic, getting a business page)
  • How to optimize your content & captions
  • Hashtags (how to leverage and “hack” them)
  • Paid IG growth (boosting, story ads)
  • Reading & understanding IG analytics
  • What, when, and how to post to IG
  • Using all of IG’s features
  • How to go viral
  • Creating your own hashtag
  • Best apps for IG
  • Engaging with the community to your benefit
  • Stealing your competition’s fans
  • Selling on IG (stories, livestreams, the DM)

+ Q&A and much more.

Nab Rock Instagram for $197 now or bundle and get BOTH workshops for $297 (that’s a savings of $100!)

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