Step 3

Grow Your Email List to 1,000 Subscribers

Your email list is a direct line to individuals interested in what you have to offer. Growing your list to 1,000 engaged subscribers is not just a milestone, but a solid base from which you can continue to expand and nurture your audience.

Building a robust email list is like constructing a bridge that allows you to connect directly with your audience anytime you want. It’s a powerful tool, especially when you already have a funnel in place from Step Two. With an email list, you have a direct line of communication to nurture leads, share insights, and promote your offerings.

Let’s say you’ve already created a compelling lead magnet as part of your funnel. Now, how do you promote it to grow your email list?

Locating Your Prospects

Finding where your ideal subscribers spend their time online is crucial. Whether it’s specific social media platforms, forums, or other online communities, identify these spaces and engage with value-first approaches.

Rather than finding your prospects and pitching your lead magnet to them one at a time, the idea here is to figure out where they congregate and make one pitch to get massive amounts of new email subscribers.

Here are a few examples. Let's say you're a CPA. You could:

  • Volunteer to do a free tax planning workshop for a financial planner's customers
  • Share your tax insights on a financial podcast - there are hundreds!
  • Create an ad campaign targeting people who follow Dave Ramsay

It's like shooting fish in a barrel!

Much easier than shooting them in the open sea, right?

More Business Examples:

  • Babysitting Business: Let's say their lead magnet was a "10 Creative Activities to Keep Kids Engaged While Babysitting" checklist. They could promote this on local community Facebook groups, parenting forums, or even collaborate with local schools to share their checklist in their newsletters.
  • Nutrition Consultant: Assume the lead magnet is an ebook called "7-Day Nutritious Meal Plan for Busy Professionals". They might share this on LinkedIn, engage in health and fitness related Facebook groups, or collaborate with fitness influencers to promote the eBook on their platforms.
  • Voice Coach: The offer is a free introductory video lesson or a vocal exercise guide. They might promote this on platforms like Instagram or YouTube, where short video content is popular or consider collaborating with music schools or instrument retailers to expand their reach.

Different Lead Magnets

If you're shooting fish in a barrel and the fish ain't biting, you might have a lead magnet problem.

Experiment with various lead magnets like quizzes, templates, webinars, or even exclusive access to a community or newsletter. Different audiences resonate with different types of value offerings, so don’t be afraid to test and iterate.

Next Steps

"Create Awesome Online Courses" has a dedicated module called "List-A-Palooza" that covers the process of email list building in a step-by-step manner, helping you navigate this journey efficiently.

And remember, our email list is a treasure trove of insights, tips, and strategies, updated weekly to empower your email marketing efforts. Join the community, and let’s turn your audience into devoted subscribers! 🚀 

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