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You Want Customers Who Will Do This...

by David Garland in General

I remember many years ago when I was attending an event someone was complaining about their customers.

Errrr…complaining is an understatement. RANTING.

They were talking about how their customers were not putting in the work to get results from her online course.

They were, in fact, complaining about doing work.

At every small obstacle…they gave up.

And she was VERY frustrated.

I remember someone looking at her dead in the eye and saying, “Well they are YOUR customers. That’s your fault for not attracting and marketing to the right people.”


The blood seemed to literally escape her face.

I mean she turned WHITE.

Then, I saw the anger starting to set in.

Finally, she said, “It’s not my fault…it’s their fault! My course is great. They are just lazy.”

She then walked away (I almost feel like she stuck her tongue out before she walked away…but I might be remembering that wrong).

But, here is the thing. That straight-shooter who looked her dead in the in the eye is 100% right.

Who you market to and who you attract is UP TO YOU.

And how you go about this makes a huge difference between getting the right vs. wrong customers (and yes…there is a major difference).

Because you want customers who will DO THE WORK.

We are in the results business. You want customers who come in, put their hard hat on, follow your course/program and get themselves some good ole fashioned killer results (with your guidance along the way).

What are some tips?

1. Avoid unrealistic timelines in your marketing. Timelines can often be awesome…if they are realistic. But, losing 50 pounds in 10 days? Um, I don’t think so. That will attract people looking for a quick fix. Losing a pound a week for the next three months? Much more realistic. Those will attract two different types of customers. Words matter.

2. Avoid the over-hyped promise. You’ll make 7 zillion dollars with an eBook! Every successful course has a result associated with it…that’s a good (and necessary) thing. But, it has to be realistic and tangible. A better (more realistic) result would be that if you do everything in the course as instructed, you will complete your eBook and launch it. For example, in my List-A-Palooza course that is inside of my Create Awesome Online Courses program, we teach people that don’t have an email list how to build one from scratch to 500-1,000 people (and people who already have a list to add an additional 500-1,000). Notice…500-1000. Not 100,000. Realistic expectations = realistic results (and happy customers).

3. DO talk about work. This is huge. Your course takes work for your customers to complete it and get results. You are giving people the exact blueprint, but they have to put in the work and effort to get that baby done. And it’s probably a lot of work! However, of course, your course is the shortcut that saves them tons of time and money if they were trying to do it on their own. Don’t shy away in your marketing from mentioning the work and perseverance needed. Otherwise, you are going to attract people looking for the “latest flavor of the month” or something where “any more effort than pushing a button is too much effort” or even worse…the “one thing goes wrong and I’m giving up!” peeps. Yuck. You don’t want that. Ain’t nobody got time for those peeps.

Bottom line is who you market to and attract is in YOUR control. Choose your words and strategies wisely and talk directly to those perfect peeps. Good things will happen.