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Why I turned down $20K

by David Garland in General

A couple of years ago a company came to me to ask me to speak at their event.

Awww so flattering (seriously it was flattering) and speaking is fun.

But here was the thing…errr….things….

#1: It was in the middle of the week in an extremely random location.

#2: While I’m sure the room was full of lovely people…they were NOT my target market.

#3: They wanted to pay me $20k plus expenses (I know…that’s a lot of money no matter who you are).

#4: I didn’t really feel like traveling and I had a rec league hockey game the same night as the event.

#5: My business model is based around online courses…not speaking.

As you can guess from the title of this email…I turned them down.

Now you might be thinking THAT IS FREAKING CRAZY. 20k? And you didn’t go because you wanted to play hockey that night?

And I say to you my friend. Yes it is crazy. Yes I wanted to play hockey. Yes I turned it down. Yes I understand (and understood) that is a lot of money. Yes I was super happy about the decision (zero regrets).

Why? (and why am I sharing this nutty story with you?)

Because when you have a business that isn’t focused on your time (ahem…online courses…duh!) you can make your own rules as what you want to do.

As cliche as the term “lifestyle business” is…it’s so true. You get to make the call where you spend your time. Not on someone else’s schedule.

Meaning instead of 20k for leaving my family, getting on a place and going somewhere random to speak…I could generate 20k by doing a quick little email promotion. In my pajamas. While playing with my daughter and those little magnetic letters she is obsessed with and sticks everywhere. That’s the nature of this business.

Am I telling you turn down a speaking gig for 20k? LOL…no not necessarily but what I am saying is that having a success online course gives you the flexibility to make your decisions however the heck you want.

Want to go speak because it sounds fun and you want to? Great! Do it. Don’t want to speak because you want to (insert whatever the heck you want to do) or simply because you don’t feel like it? That’s great too!

Your business. Your rules.