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They Have To Give A Crap

by David Garland in General

Something to keep in mind:

They have to give a crap. 

“They” being your potential customers.

What they give a crap about is…the results of what you are selling them.

I have a customer of mine who was really struggling. He wanted to teach “confidence to shy men.”

So, he went out and tried it and it didn’t work.



Because shy men (in this example) don’t necessarily know they want confidence. They know they want the RESULT of what having confidence will do for them.

In this case, it was shy single men. The RESULT = dates. More specifically how to ask out someone they were interested in (how to approach someone and ask them out on a date or whatever).

Does confidence play a major roll in this? Totally.

BUT, that’s not the sexy sizzle. That’s not the result.

One he re-phrased it to help shy guys get dates…his business started taking off (and has PLENTY of room to grow).

The takeaway? You have to phrase what your course will do for folks in a way that they CARE. The result they want.

For example, in my business teaching online courses some of the sexy results of a course-based business:

-A lifestyle business (that allows you to work whenever and wherever you want).
-The ability to stop trading dollars for hours and create passive income.
-To work less, make more, and claim back your time.
-To increase your profit margins and create a new stream of revenue.
-To help more people (aka make your business scalable), without working more. For example: Online courses are a fantastic way to reach as many people as possible without giving up every single valuable second of your time. You can help so many people, and still live the life you want and deserve. Aww fun!

Much more than just “creating and selling a course.” 

See how that works?

Happy course-ing,