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She Said It Best

Marie Forleo

by David Garland in General

This morning I was quickly browsing my email and saw something killer from Marie Forleo that I just had to share:

“Sometimes uber tight timelines can create extraordinary and unexpected breakthroughs.

First. YOU get fired up and focused in a way that’s outside of your day-to-day rhythm. You tap into a new level determination that can have a positive, domino effect on other projects too. That’s called momentum, baby!

Second, you put yourself in a growth mindset. Your only objective is learning, creativity and experimentation (vs. perfectionism). This is key if you’re someone who’s committed to constantly evolving, consistently producing and staying at the top of your game.

Finally, if you work with others, nothing spikes motivation, innovation, and camaraderie like figuring out a new collective challenge in a very small window of time.

So do yourself a favor. Think about something you’ve been meaning to do or try — whether it’s in your business or life.
Got a thing or project? Good.

Ask yourself…

Could you spark a breakthrough by giving yourself a crazy tight timeline to make it happen? I bet you could. And honestly, the worst thing that could happen is really… nothing.

You’ll either hit your goal, or you’ll fall short.

Either way, you’ll be a whole lot closer to the finish line than you are right now. And if you stay grounded in a growth-mindset (NOT being a perfectionist), you’ll learn a ton along the way.”

Awesome stuff from the one-and-only Marie Forleo. And I couldn’t agree more. ESPECIALLY in our industry of online courses.

Whether you are working on your online course, putting a webinar together, growing your email list, working on brand-spankin’ new marketing and promotions, a new cool bonus to include in your course, working with JV partners, running ads….whatever…

Often times you can do it FAR quicker than you think.

Have fun,