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Secret Pricing Trick for Your Online Course (SHHHH)

by David Garland in General

Let’s talk a pricing “trick” for your online course (you’ll understand why “trick” is in quotations in a second).

Shaun posted in our private Create Awesome Online Courses FB group:

“What’s the least attractive number online?
If I have options and I want people to pick a certain one over others (say a yearly subscription instead of a monthly one) then I want to use 7 on the yearly subscription. (As we learned in CAOC.) ie $97 or whatever.
For the monthly subscription I’d like to use the lease attractive/converting number so subconsciously people want to pick the yearly more.
What are your thoughts? Have you heard anything?”

Now at this point, you might be thinking…”David will now respond with his super secret pricing trick for an online course using ninja formulas, reverse backwards psychology, human behavior metrics and thousands of hours of research.”


Wrong. 🙂

Here was my response:

At the end of the day your price whether it ends with a 9,7 or any other number is not going to matter in the grand scheme of things. What’s important? That people clearly see the value in your course and know you are the right person to help them (trust and relationship). Don’t worry about an “attractive number” worry about an “attractive offer” to an audience who finds you attractive (lol…but seriously).

Think about it for a second. We are bombarded all the time with “tricks” …  “Use the color yellow in 9% of your sales copy and people will buy like CRAZY!”  “Always use the #7 in your pricing!” “Just kidding always use the #9 in your pricing!” “What about 4? Everyone else is using 9 and 7…use 4!” “Show a photo of a cute puppy and 92% of people who wouldn’t buy will now buy!”

You get the idea.

Are some of these “tricks” valid? Sure…maybe? And yes there are great strategies to pricing your course correctly.

But the important thing is the FUNDAMENTALS.

The right, valuable offer to the right people who know, like and trust you is always the #1 strategy.

When your “peeps” trust you and you have the right offer, you could literally just link up a checkout page and they will buy. Because there is that relationship.

It’s not about tricking people, it’s about relating to them and helping them.

How do you build killer relationships with the right peeps? It’s in everything you do online. Your email copy. Your webinars. Your free content. Your private FB groups. Whatever communication tools you have.

That’s what’s important. Not the 7 or the 9.