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A couple in a camper (yes, a camper!) made $60,159 with one webinar…and then went to Disney World

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This is a good one 🙂

I was browsing messages the other day and ran into a message from Elise Grice.

Quick back-story: Elise and her husband Scott are customers of Create Awesome Online Courses, Create Awesome Webinars and are in my Create AwesomeR Online Courses elite mastermind.

About a year-and-a-half-ago (might be closer to two years) they transitioned from a service-based business that was driving them crazy to online courses centered around teaching creative entrepreneurs how to build a brand worth loving, sharing, and buying from (and did $63,259 on their launch with an email list of just 1,500 #smallbutmighty).

Anyway…this past week Scott and Elise decided to dive into the wonderful world of webinars (using the Create Awesome Webinars method of course!) and these are some of the messages that made me smile:

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.32.00 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.32.15 PM


In 30 days they put together a webinar that just brought in $60,159.

Freakin’ amazing.

And there is even more goodness to this story.

This is where they did the webinar from:


Take a look inside:


If you are thinking, “Um, is that a camper? Did they do a webinar from INSIDE a camper?”

The answer is oh yes they did (they travel full-time and run their business from inside the camper).

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.37.55 PM

Next time you are doing something in non-ideal conditions just remember the Grices in 93 degrees in the camper.

How do you celebrate a massively successful promotion Grice-style (and you SHOULD be celebrating your victories there is way more to life than just working 24/7)? You, of course, go to Disney World:


Oh and instead of trying to shake down Mickey Mouse to see if he has WIFI on his phone so you can check your email, they are actually ENJOYING THEMSELVES and are hanging out at the beach (even during the promotion!):

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.51.56 PM

Gotta love it. Online courses. Webinars. Promotions. Campers. Disney World. Sales. Lifestyle.


And you check out all the Grice goodness you want over at My Own Irresistible Brand.

Have fun,

PS: The biggest mistake I see folks make when doing webinars is not following a proven system that WORKS (I know I made this mistake when I was getting started and it was super duper frustrating).

Want to learn EXACTLY how to create webinars that sell (this is the exact same way Elise & Scott learned and followed the model)? You don’t even need a camper 🙂

I have a secret webinar weapon named John Richardson and we have teamed up for a free webinar for you: How To Create Webinars That Sell 

A webinar on webinars! So Meta.

Regardless if you have NEVER done a webinar before, you are a seasoned pro looking to improve or somewhere in-between come join us:

You can register up right here (it’s free)

In this “holy flippin wow I can’t believe this is free training David & John are so sweet”, you will discover:

  • The seven critical words you must have in a webinar. Without these seven words you’re cutting your chances of success in half… and we’ll prove it to you.
  • How this simple webinar process can remove your “Fear of Selling” and help you shift seamlessly from providing great value to converting attendees to sales.
  • How to use webinars to create an easy six figure income –even if you don’t have a product yet.
  • The (slightly shocking and weird) process John used to create a NET $150,000 a year business – with recorded webinars as the cornerstone… with less than one hour of work per month and a monthly virtual assistant bill of less than $30.
  • Why webinars are currently the single most effective way to turn leads into buying customers AND improve your reputation (and goodwill) in your marketplace at the same time.
  • How webinars can help you shift from the “boom and bust” of product launches to create reliable, predictable monthly income.

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Happy webinar-ing!


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