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Rocketship vs Rolling Ball

by David Garland in General

So I’m a fan of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” which follows around an NFL football team for training camp each year.

I’m the first to admit, since my Rams left my hometown St. Louis I’ve been not-so-much into the NFL but the show is fascinating. People love behind-the-scenes. Kind of like a peek into a secret world.

Anyway, in the first episode, one of the coaches of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers equates their team to a rocket ship.

Meaning the preparation happens before. Once the rocket is up in the air it is very difficult to control or steer.


Then I was thinking about online business and specifically online courses…it’s the opposite.

Not a rocket ship but a ball rolling down a hill.

And not even a big out-of-control ball….a ball that you can steer.

Once you get going it is relatively easy to make changes, change strategies (or learn new strategies) and usually inexpensive to make these changes.

For example, let’s say you are in the T-shirt business and you order 500 t-shirts to sell. That costs upfront money of course and let’s say you realize your super clever t-shirt has a spelling error in it. D’oh! You now have 500 worthless shirts and have to pay to get 500 more that are correct. That’s a rocket ship business.

But, let’s say you get your online course out there and you realize in your third video you didn’t explain something the way you wanted to or totally messed it up. Well, you grab your computer (or camera), shoot a new version and pop it up there. Just took a little bit of time to make the adjustment. That’s a ball rolling down the hill business.

So just remember regardless of where you are at right now….just getting started, a seasoned veteran or somewhere in between that while a rocket ship might sound all neat and cool I know I’d rather be able to steer.