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Preconceived Notions

by David Garland in General

This past weekend I was reflecting on something that absolutely kills entrepreneurs and online course creators:

Preconceived notions.

My definition of a preconceived notion: A thought in your head you are convinced is true…despite not having tried it. 

And we have all been there. I can’t even count how many times I’ve thought something that ends up being completely false.

It usually starts with…

I’ll NEVER (fill in the blank) because (X).

Here are two from me (one tactical in the nitty gritty and the other one more broad and strategic):

1. I’ll NEVER do automated webinars because it seems sketchy.

2. I’ll NEVER hire people because I don’t want to manage people.

Well, fun fact…both of those have proved to be 100% (I mean if we can go even higher 1000%) wrong. False. Not true. 


-We tried automated webinars and have generated somewhere in the 2-3 million dollars from them. I remember the first one we did I was eating at a great Vietnamese restaurant in St. Louis called Little Saigon and watched my phone light up with sales. I was literally giggling. Side note: We do it in a way we feel comfortable with meaning we never tell people it’s live when it isn’t (I mean who does that?! Seriously some people do and it is super sketchy) and people have loved the information and the ability to watch when they want. It’s been a win.

Oh and those 2-3 million in sales, in only 2 years? If I would have just stuck with my preconceived notion…guess what? That would have been a big fat ZERO in terms of sales.

-Our team continues to grow and we have created a small army and I absolutely LOVE IT. Besides helping our customer’s get killer results, our team is my favorite part of the business by far. Now it is laughable when I look back when I was getting started and thought “I don’t want to manage people” …this is the key way the business has grown (and creates more meaning and purpose too). Side note: Our team is totally virtual, are only rockstars with the right attitude and are self-starters who rock their work without needing constant (or any) micro-managing. Plus, I love leading the squad 🙂

Again…if I would have listened to my preconceived notion….I would be probably working 24/7, the business wouldn’t be growing, I’d be stressed out to the max and would not have time to go to the bathroom or see my family (I love seeing the family except mayybeeee during potty training I can skip out a little bit…tee-hee).

So, what can you do to knock out those preconceived notions? 

1. Write ’em down. Be 100% honest. No judgment. Nothing here is dumb. Nothing here is too small or too big. Start each sentence with “I’ll never…” and then add in a “because.”

2. Choose 1-2 and decide you are going to conduct an experiment and do the opposite. It can be as simple as “I’m never going to work from a coffee shop because it is too noisy so I won’t get anything done!”…so you decide to work from a coffee shop for one week.

3. Prove yourself RIGHT or WRONG. Either way you win.

Sometimes as an entrepreneur, the only way forward is by being wrong,