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My Advice for Your Idea/Business

by David Garland in General

About 44626456 (ish) times per week someone asks me… “What do you think of my business idea? (explains the idea)…what do you think and any advice?”

And I totally understand the question. But my advice is always the same 100% of the time:

1. I have no idea if your idea is awesomesauce or terrible, but what it comes down to is execution. Plain and simple.

2. Perseverance. Nowadays almost anyone can start a business (of some kind). What people don’t realize…it’s freakin’ tough. If you crumble at the first sign of a problem/adversity, etc. you are screwed. And, if you crumble at the second, third, fourth or 50th problem…you are also screwed.

3. Pivoting. There is a big difference though between dealing with challenges and beating a dead horse into the ground. You can’t be scared to pivot. How do you know when the pivot or change up your idea? Is there a magical formula that determines “this idea is dead time to move on?” Nope. It comes from gut/experience and that comes with time/making mistakes. Often times the business you end up in is not the one you first start.

4. Marketing/Selling. There are obviously lots of skills you will need to develop over time..butttttttttttttt the most important one is marketing and selling. Yup good ole fashion marketing and selling. Without it…you do not pass GO or collect $200. In fact, you collect $0 and that sucks unless you are allergic to money.

5. DO as opposed to talking about doing. Doing and messing it up is much better than talking to everyone about what you are thinking about doing or doing. Doing = gaining experience.

6. Learn from mistakes. “You have to be crappy before you can get better” (someone said that not sure who). You will make tons of mistakes. Ones years from now will be painfully obvious and that’s OK. Don’t take it personally but do remember it like a elephant. Making mistakes isn’t dumb. Making the same mistake over and over again…well that’s pretty dumb. Don’t do that.

7. I think I had one more but I forgot. So just re-read 1-6.

Happy business and entrepreneur-ing,