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A Letter from Stacey

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If you would have told me years ago when I started my company that I would receive a nearly-5-page letter in the mail from a customer whose life/business has been changed due to our software products I would have said…”That’s totally going to happen!”

J/K. Totally unexpected. Totally blew me away. Totally amazing.

Below is the letter from Stacey (transcribed). An incredible journey and well worth the read.


I needed to write this letter to all of you, to praise you to the maximum capacity. If you can help someone like me, you can help anybody! You’ll see…

It all began with Renae Christine.

I found her on YouTube, after searching for a video to help me create a website of my own, step-by-step. Mind you, building a website was a huge challenge for someone like me. At the time I was a “digital Rumpelstiltskin” who only knew how to do a basic Google search, send and receive email and use Microsoft Word as an over-glorified typewriter. That’s all.

But that had been fine; from 1998 through early 2015, I was an attorney who spent most of my time in court, protecting the interests of clients (via firms that I worked for) such as The Arizona Beverage Brand and Rockefeller Center. Back then, I didn’t need to know how to program a website. I mean, I had paralegals creating signature blocks for my emails and they even filed email away for me. Other than sending/receiving emails, I didn’t even know how to use Microsoft Outlook.

When early 2015 arrived, the firm that I was employed with for had one partner …and he went to work for a pharmaceutical corporation as their CFO (he’s also a CPA). Every associate was laid off from the firm, including me. I received severance and unemployment and did my best to get another job to support my family who relied almost completely on me. (My husband made very little money).

But after nearly 20 years as an attorney, despite impeccable references and a bulletproof resume, I couldn’t even get an interview. Placement agencies in nine counties refused to take me on as a client, saying I had “too much experience.” Not one to quit, I tired on my own throughout 2015 to land a job. I have come to learn that there are literally dozens of ways of hearing that one is “overqualified.”

With time on my hands, I became a certified life coach. I’d taken on life coaching clientele here and there before, from 2012 onward, because women would see me in the courtroom and wanted to know how to source some of my swagger.

So after earning my certification as a life coach, I hired a website developer to set up me online. Perhaps this will be my new calling, I thought. Barely understanding what I was doing, I ran a Facebook ad for ten days and got six paying clients! I had mastered GarageBand in the meantime and put up some MP3 recordings for those clients to listen to, and they were so excited…

…until the site broke down on the tenth day.

And it took that website developer six and a half days in order to fix the site.

As a result, I lost all of my customers and made zero dollars because, of course, everyone wanted their money back.

Then the website developer stopped talking to me out of nowhere. I didn’t even have the chance to melt down on him. He was just gone before I could say a word.

That’s when I finally cried my face off.

I wept out of frustration for the whole botched website deal. I wept out of anger because I was a woman in her mid-forties that couldn’t land an office job (either in a law office or otherwise) because she was “too experienced” and I couldn’t even get a job at the mall because “corporate didn’t think I’d stay on long-term.” I wept out of fear because my family had always relied upon me to support them, and I didn’t want to fail them. We didn’t want to lose our home and everything in it.

Tears still streaming down my face from the website fiasco, I opened up my laptop and thought: I’m not giving up. I’ll do it myself! It’ll be tough since I’m no digital native or Millennial but it doesn’t matter …I’ll figure it out or go down swinging!

And that’s when, thank God, I found Renae Christine.

The step-by-step YouTube video of hers that I discovered literally stopped my tears. She was so reassuring and kind, so upbeat and fun, and although it was over three hours straight, I took notes and learned all of the basics in a way that didn’t terrify me. Folks, I didn’t even know what WordPress was before that video. I didn’t know the difference between a widget and a plugin before Renae. Period.

I devoured pretty much all of her YouTube videos afterward and soon realized that I needed to go from MP3 to MP4 if I wanted to create a course that sold in today’s world, not in digital Rumpelstiltskin’s. So I took on Keynote and Screenflow.

But it was a freak decision of mine that led me to David Siteman Garland, which ultimately led me to all of the delightful cats at Course Cats LLC. And again, I have no one but Renae to thank for that.

You see, I’m NO handmade titan. I don’t craft. I don’t paint. I don’t sew. But I was on Renae’s email list, so when she opened the doors to Rich Mom University (now Handmade Titan University) in March 2016, I took a leap of faith and enrolled. Although I’d gathered from watching nearly all of her YouTube videos that I was NOT her target audience, I figured if at least 50% of the course was useful to me, it was worth a shot. I knew she wasn’t going to teach me how to have a content-based business, per se, but I believed it would teach me a great deal about many other things like marketing, branding, etc., all in Renae’s supportive, sweet style.

Oh did it EVER! I love that course to the millionth power! It is, as Ms. Renae says, “Awesome-sauce.” I refer to it all the time.

In one of the last Modules Renae only briefly mentioned that she had a mentor named David Siteman Garland. I immediately looked him up, hoping that he could teach me how to, specifically, create and sell an online course, and maybe even educate me about all of the technology that’s specific to that field.

Oh, has he EVER! Thank God he has the same sunny personality that Renae does! I am delighted to receive emails from both of them and have invested in quite a few of their courses and/or products since.

And every single time I’m glad that I did.

And I will continue to do so every single time I possibly can.

When one of David’s emails introduced me to Conversion Cats, I was a little nervous. After all, I’d been taken on a ride before by a tech guy; what if this was a waste of my time, too? But, turns out, I love Conversion Cats and not long after my having used it on my “hub” website (, a beta tester of mine said, “You know, given your program, Bravery University, I wouldn’t mind paying $997 for it…but…now that you’ve added that theme to your site, I would expect to pay that price. What an upgrade!”

Indeed. Of course, I’ve gone on to use Course Cats 2.0 for the site specific to Bravery University (

Finally, the Cats themselves are just as sunny, happy, positive and supportive as Renae and David. They have helped me through every last bump, bruise, tangle and snarl without a single moment of negativity, and have even cheered me on as I’ve shared with them my learning curve. What a departure from the typical tech support, where the treatment runs the gamut from clinical to…well…cruel!

Not a day has gone by from the time I’ve discovered Renae until now, where I haven’t been exceedingly grateful for having all of you in my life. I can’t thank you enough; it’s not possible!

Your kindness and awesome attitudes have a ripple effect that’s deeper and more profound than you could ever imagine. I’ve found hope once more, which has caused me to unearth my own snippet of sunny attitude, and I share it with all of my paying clientele — both via in-person coaching and via online course purchases. I’m even donating my programming to young women living in at-risk neighborhoods like the Bronx and Yonkers, New York. I’m happy to pay it forward.

People buy from those who they know, like and trust. You know that.

But you’re living examples of those who deserve all of the benefits that spring from such knowledge and the action you’ve taken in light of it.

May your fortunes be ten-fold in 2017. You deserve it, more than you’ll ever know.

With the greatest and deepest respect,

Stacey Ames Storino, Esq.

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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