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Lessons from (well over) a million dollars spent on this…

by David Garland in General

So over the past few years I’ve spent (well over) a million dollars on something.

And I’m not talking about cars, trips and who-knows-what…I’m talking business.

Any guesses?

Let me explain…

Regardless of what you are selling…. coaching, masterminds, events, membership sites, online courses, speaking or some combo…you need customers.

I need customers.

You need customers.

We all need customers.

This isn’t shocking news.

Now there are LOTS of ways to bring in customers, but the FASTEST is ads.

Ads are awesome. BUT, they can also be risky. You are spending your hard-earned money.

But when you get ads right, oh man. It creates a flood of new customers.

Which brings us back to the million bucks.

Over the past several years I’ve spend well over a million dollars on Facebook Ads.

Not a typo.

And I’ve done it in a variety of ways. Hired agencies. Brought it in house. Did them myself. Had my team do them.

With time (and money) comes experience. And with experience, comes wisdom. Let me share a few important insights I’ve learned about FB Ads.

#1: Ads don’t exist in a vacuum. Meaning, you don’t just throw up an ad and pray. There are things that MUST be done before you spend a dollar. For example, making sure you understand exactly who your audience is, what headlines are going to attract the right person and what your call to action is (what are they signing up for?). Does this *seem* obvious. Yes, but you would be surprised…

#2: Long term and tweak. Oh you didn’t get 4949595948382 new customers in 5 mins? Don’t call the sad police. FB Ads work, but you need to know what to do and then how/when to tweak. It’s what I call a “short-long-term strategy” as you can get results fast, but remember it is a process.

#3: Only focus on what’s working NOW. This is the internet. Stuff changes. To have the most success, you need to stay current and focus on what is working RIGHT NOW. Capitalize on current strategies, not what was working 3 years ago. Market in the NOW.

#4: It is very learn-able. Don’t become overwhelmed with things like FB pixels and re-targeting. All of this stuff is EXTREMELY learnable. You just need to know who to listen to and follow exactly what to do.

#5: You have to commit to get results. I talk to folks every week that say they are going to start FB ads in a few weeks, or next month. Then, next month rolls around and it becomes the next month. 6 months later…nothing. The key is blocking out time in your busy schedule to really commit to get the ball rolling and get your ads up.

The good news? You can do this. You DON’T need to hire an agency (in fact most are a waste of money – we have learned this the hard way). And this is something you can do yourself or pass off to a team member in the future.

And we can help.

Earlier this week we announced Facebook Ads NOW! A 2-Day LIVE Masterclass. Learn. Implement. Bring in the Customers.

You will learn (and have time to implement) EVERYTHING to create successful FB ads. And we are talking not just “throwing an ad up and praying,” we are going step-by-step to show you EXACTLY what to do.

Teaching this with me is Tamiko Kelly. And I couldn’t think of ANYONE better. She keeps it simple and can teach this better than anyone else. She has used ads to sell EVERYTHING (coaching, online courses and much more). She is a do-er and a teacher. The ultimate combo.

Next steps? Enrollment for the Facebook Ads NOW! Masterclass is open but closes Sunday at 11:59 PM Pacific.

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