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How to Get More People to Open Your Emails

by David Garland in General

“DSG…people aren’t opening my emails….what’s wrong?”

Ahhh a good question my friend. Here’s the deal (and this in 100%-zero-no-BS fashion):

1. If you are boring, people won’t want to read your emails. You know what boring is. Don’t be it.

2. In case you aren’t sure what boring is… think corporate jargon or even worse, all the sketchy Internet Marketers out there who write like they are trying to manipulate your mind with crazy hypey-ness (is that a word? well it is now) or just generic stuff you can find anywhere. An email should be sent like it is coming from a friend (for best results unless you like bad results).

3. Humanize your emails. Anyone can write some tips. Anyone can give some advice. What you want is to not only give tips and advice but show your personality in all its glory. Mention things going on in your life. That’s why I love talking about family, (awww aren’t they cute…most of the time), softball, fitness, St. Louis Blues/Cardinals, travel, etc. Why is being human important? There are many reasons why being a human is better than a plant but in terms of context for this email, being human and real creates connection with your subscribers. A connection is what it is all about. Side note: Creating a connection is one of the biggest advantages you have as a personal brand. Big companies (and small companies) without a face can’t do it. You can.

4. Not everyone will like you and that’s fine. You aren’t trying to be prom queen. You will attract the right people and more importantly EARN the trust and relationship with those peeps. Everyone else can go bye-bye. What you don’t want to be is so generic or, here comes that word again, BORING where nobody cares. I know if I send an email and get lots of replies of love and people liking it, I’m doing it right. I also know if I send an email and get replies like “Um you had a spelling mistake I’m unsubscribing” or “You mentioned playing softball with your dad but I HATE softball because I’m allergic to fun” then that’s also good as it gets rid of all the people I wouldn’t want on my email list anyway #byefelicia.

5. Understand YOU have a voice and unique personality. Also, understand bringing out that unique voice and personality takes time and practice. I know it might seem nutty…but so true. When I first started writing I sounded like a robot that had a lot of coffee. Now, I sound like DSG who had a lot of coffee. But it takes time and practice. Another big tip: WRITE LIKE YOU SPEAK. One of the biggest compliments you can get from someone who has met you is when they say “I can totally picture you saying everything in your emails!”

6. Finally, be self-aware of your personality because if you try to fake it you can onlllyyyyyyyy keep up that charade for so long. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard (and witnessed) from people who finally “meet” one of their favorite personalities and they are totally different in real life. Another one of the biggest compliments you can get in real life is “You are just like you are online!” Whether you are the no-nonsense straight shooter or the entertaining class clown…OWN IT. Again, this takes time and practice.

Bottom line is if folks aren’t opening (or responding or taking action or whatever) with your emails…it’s time to spice it up. Show more of YOU. Your personality + your great advice = a warm glass of happiness.

And now more coffee (and cowbell),