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FB Ads Manager

by David Garland in General

We’re looking for the newest member of our team: FB Ads Manager – Contract Position

We’re looking for someone who thrives on the feel-good satisfaction of making people happy, believes they are a master of communication, and laughs in the face of danger (ahem, problem-solving)…

If you think that describes YOU… then read on, my friend.

This is a completely virtual contract position. This means you can work wherever your heart desires, whether that be your kitchen table, the coffee shop, or your Grandma’s basement. 

We welcome applications from those looking for contract gigs and are excited to be a part of growing team where your work will matter.

About The Rise To The Top (& me, David Siteman Garland)

You can find the long version story over here, but here’s what it’s all about:

I help people create & sell online courses, with thousands of students in over 100 countries who have created successful courses on everything from kindergarten teaching to snowboarding. I have created a proven system to help awesome entrepreneurs escape the world of trading dollars for hours, and instead create freedom-based businesses (so they can live their freakin’ life).

That’s where you come in.

As FB Ads Manager, YOU will be on the front line of sharing our message. Your job would be to implement the FB Ads Strategy as laid out by the CEO and team — this includes executing the ads in ads manager, monitoring and reporting back on what’s working and what isn’t.

I’m looking for a passionate, FB Ads professional who can execute things quickly and make adjustments on the fly.

You should have proven expertise and verifiable experience in a professional setting.

A background in or strong working knowledge of the online courses, training, coaching, or consulting industry is a BIG plus.

Here’s what we need:

  •  Someone who loves FB Advertising platform and thrives on staying up to date on what’s working and what isn’t
  • A data driven personality – someone who thrives on testing things and finding conversion rates
  • A positive person – who knows how to find the good in adverse situations
  • A person who follows through on commitments. No jumping ship or giving up when things get hard
  • A team player, who can collaborate on a project, but also take direction and run with it.
  • A “do-er”.  This role will focus mainly on execution and reporting.  While input regarding strategy is welcome, we need someone capable of executing ads quickly and monitoring spend and comments.
  • An honest person with high integrity. It’s important our advertising reflect our ideals and values.  No click bait allowed. 🙂

Here’s what you need…

  • A desire to work in a quick paced environment with a team that thrives on progress and success.
  • Ability to work from anywhere (seize your digital nomad dreams! The only thing we require is a reliable computer and internet connection)
  • Willingness to respond to email in a timely manner and execute ads/changes quickly
  • The longing to feel proud of the work you do and the way you are helping change lives
  • Eagerness to work with a fun, collaborative, diverse team
  • Start part-time and have the chance to be promoted to full-time based on your performance
  • Receive guidance and mentorship from a successful, caring, and fun 7-figure entrepreneur who will deeply care about your success

Why work with The Rise To The Top?

  • We love what we do, and bring passion and fire to the table every day. This is anything but a boring desk job.
  • You have tons of freedom. When we say you can work from anywhere, we kid you not. All you need is reliable internet connection, and we’re happy.
  • You have the opportunity to make people smile every time you log in to work (and our customers will sing your praises like you wouldn’t believe).
  • You will join the mission to help thousands of people build a business to allow for a life they really love and deserve. It’s life-changing, and the success stories never get old (ever).

Your next steps:


Hope to see you working alongside Team RISE soon,