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A Formula for Everything

by David Garland in General

While going through a few sleepless nights (and chaos of kids) I was thinking about formulas.

Formulas are freaking awesome, right?

And in business, there are PLENTY of things that are super learn-able (made up word of the day) with step-by-step formulas and recipes.

Example, my business is based on teaching online courses step-by-step.

It’s a proven formula.

And whatever your course/brand/expertise is…YOU teach  your formula. Whether it is how to get a date, how to do a backflip or how to grow and make organic smoothies.

And here is the *harsh* reality of being an entrepreneur….there isn’t an exact formula for EVERYTHING. And that’s totally fine!

Meaning, how do you know if your idea isn’t a good one? OR isn’t working anymore?

When to pivot?

When to stick with something?

When to introduce a new product/program?

When the “perfect time” is to hire someone?

The reality is (and of course you can get advice on these things obviously be careful in terms of from whom) BUT these things will come down to your decision making (and “guts” if you will). 

How do you become good at decision making, you ask?

Ready for this one? By making decisions. Some decisions you make will be terrible (remember which ones and why). Some decisions you make will be amazing (remember which ones and why).

By making decisions (and learning from them)…you gain experience. With experience (and making less and less mistakes) comes wisdom.

I can tell you that I for SURE am not perfect with my decision making (and have plenty of head slap Homer Simpson “D’OH!” moments) but the good ones far outweigh the bad ones over time (and the bad ones become fewer and fewer every year).

So just remember entrepreneurship can be a little messy and that’s totally fine. Embrace the journey and remember to make those decisions.