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The Facebook Ads Accelerator

Become a Facebook Ads Rockstar without wasting money and spending years trying to figure it out yourself

Ever dreamt of running your own FB ads while getting better ROI and conversions? 

You’re in the right place.

The Facebook Ads Accelerator is an exclusive 60-day program where you’ll learn step-by-step how to create and launch Facebook ads that will get results with resident FB ads expert, Tamiko Kelly

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Does cold sweat ran down your face every time you open the Facebook Ads Manager?

Have Facebook Blueprint, the blogs and YouTube tutorials about launching ads consumed you day and night without helping at all?

Have you tried exploring things but found it all to be soooooooo complicated and so technical, that it didn’t jive with your creative side?

Do you have a small budget and are afraid you’re just going to waste it if you do this on your own?


Sound Familiar?

If you feel anxious about running your own ads, have tried launching an ad but weren’t sure if they were working or if they were an absolute waste of budget, or are struggling with conversions, strategy, and management…

Take a deep breath and keep reading because you’re about to get your ticket to confidently launching your Facebook ads so you can not only get coveted results consistently, but eventually even help others run their FB ads, too!

So, you’ve launched your course. You’ve had enrollments, your students say that it was a great investment, and best of all, you’ve actually made money from something that you love doing. 

And now you want to double, triple…10x your results using Facebook Ads. Awesome. You want to tell the world about your awesome course, but you’re having a difficult time doing that because…

Your FB ad is not doing its job!

Even when you’ve applied all the knowledge you gleaned geeking out for months, you’re not getting the results that you want. Heck, maybe you’re not getting results AT ALL.

Even when you spend hours pouring over FB ads manager, YOU JUST DON’T GET IT.


Without an effective Facebook ad, you’ll never reach the full income potential with your course

Facebook advertising can place your program in front of people who will embrace it with open arms.

It is the most targeted form of advertising and you can reach your exact audience with the proper segmentation.

If your Facebook ads aren’t properly targeted, it means they are showing up in random people’s feeds. This also means:

  • You’re not finding buyers. Instead of a continuous influx of students, you’ll have one, two new enrollees from time to time. You’ll start thinking that your course might just be a “one-time-hit” and you’ll start creating more and more courses with fewer and fewer students.
  • You’re flushing money down the toilet. Facebook ads will cost you if you don’t know what you’re doing. One wrong setup and you’ll be spending thousands even while you’re asleep. Outsourcing is one great option, but a media buyer/Facebook ads strategist comes very expensively. The good ones aren’t startup-friendly at all. It’s double jeopardy!
  • You won’t be able to scale your program like you dream about. If you are lucky, you might be breaking even with ads, but that won’t pay the bills. Thus, you have to look for an alternate source of income… again…

HEAR THIS: It’s not your fault at all. 

All you need is someone to help you through it and teach you the tips and tricks in creating FB ads that convert from prep to launch!

60-day Facebook Ads Accelerator Program

with The Rise To The Top resident Facebook ads expert Tamiko Kelly

This 8-week program is designed to get you rocking out on FB ads -covering everything from opt-in creation to ad creation, review and set up.

Each week, you will have a training and guidance call with coach Tamiko. In between calls, you will have access to Tamiko, your podmate peers and Team Rise through Slack, where you can ask questions, get feedback and share your successes. 

What will you get from this exclusive program?

  • Week 1: Opt-in creation. We’ll strategize what’s going to draw audience in and call them to action.
  • Week 2: Landing page creation. We’ll discuss the best way to prepare where your audience will “land” once they respond to your ad.
  • Week 3: Landing page review. We’ll see to it that your landing page has been optimized to increase conversions and to lower the cost of acquiring a purchase.
  • Week 4: Ad creation. We’ll discuss the key elements of a well-converting ad including creating dynamic images and writing persuasive copy.
  • Week 5: Ad Review and Revision. We’ll make sure your ad is a show (scroll) stopper and adheres to Facebook guidelines.
  • Week 6: FB Ads Set up. We will remove your worries when handling the tech stuff so you can set up your ads on your own confidently and comfortably.
  • Week 7: FB ad assessment and tweaking. We will help you fail-proof your launch and make sure everything will smoothly run once your ad is live.
  • Week 8: Wrap up and final questions. You have everything you need to launch a converting ad at this point but we’ll make sure you get all your final questions answered so no stones are left unturned. 

Tamiko’s Facebook ads training was really helpful – I definitely did not have to spend thousands of dollars to start seeing results.

Justin Geis, student

But this program is NOT for everyone…

There is only room for SIX! Team RISE we will be reviewing application and hand choosing the Lucky 6 for the first round of this program. We will be sifting through all applications to make sure the course creators have what it takes to be successful in the program. 

We need go-getters, action-takers, those who won’t slack off after two weeks.

This is not just about learning how to create and launch converting ads, it’s leveling up as a course creator and evolving as an entrepreneur.

>> Before applying you need to have<<

  1. A proven offer in place – meaning you need to have something to run ads to. 
  2. Made at least $5K from your program already and be looking to boost your revenue on that proven product.

Do you think you have what it takes? 

Submit your application now!

ONLY 6 SLOTS AVAILABLE! Application deadline: date and time –

Meet Tamiko!

She quit her corporate job years ago to grow her business (completely replaced her income and then some) by selling coaching, online courses and more.

That’s the rundown on Tamiko in about 5 seconds.

So, what does this have to do with Facebook ads?

Tamiko’s bread and butter are Facebook ads and she is an extremely gifted teacher who makes it SIMPLE and DO-ABLE.

This isn’t some kind of big complicated mess or anything like that.

In fact, she has worked with many of my students and you wouldn’t believe the progress they have made with Facebook ads!

Meaning she DOES IT (in her own business). And has taught others to DO IT (and those people have used it in a massively successful way in their businesses).

Hear what people love about Tamiko!

“I highly recommend this course! I’ve added 500 people to my list [in the last four weeks]! 

– Emily Stajov, student


“Thank you Tamiko! The training was soooo helpful. I’ve never seen these kinds of results before the training and your help. #Tamiko Rocks 

– Gabriel Helkowski, student

Will you be the next one to achieve massive results in your business?

Erase your FB ads anxieties, and instead dream about what it would look like if you could increase conversions and grow your online course business!

Apply NOW!

ONLY 6 SLOTS AVAILABLE! Application deadline: [date and time]