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David Siteman Garland’s
Evergreen Funnel Workshop (of fun)!

 So, you’ve launched your online course. SWEET!! I guarantee you have had this question go through your head:

“So, um…what now?”

And what “what now” doesn’t refer to riding off into the sunset…the REAL question is: 

“What can I do now so I’m rolling in the sales 24/7?”

We’ve all faced this question before (and if you haven’t, um, you should). I don’t care if you’ve just done your very first launch or your 20th.

Because the long term success of your courses and programs comes from ongoing promotions.

“Promotions” meaning bringing in new people and also re-offering your course to people who maybe have seen it before but didn’t buy…but are now ready to buy.

And these delicious promotions fall into two categories:

Live and Evergreen.

A live promotion is based on a DATE on the calendar and LIVE. An evergreen promotion is based on WHEN SOMEONE OPTS IN and is AUTOMATED.

For a live promotion, basically, it means you gotta be there to do it. An example of a live promotion would be a live webinar on a specific date and time. 

You promote the webinar, you deliver the webinar, you sell at the end of the webinar, you follow-up after the webinar. 

And when it is done, it is done and you move on.

An evergreen promotion does NOT require you to be there or do much at all once it is setup. 

Meaning, the work is up front and you create a promotion funnel (if you are new to evergreen funnels don’t worry, I promise it isn’t confusing) and it runs without you physically needing to be there over and over and over again. 

I’m a fan of both types of promotions (and you should do both for SURE), but I’ve got a funny story about an evergreen promotion we have been running now for the past year (actually over a year now).

Personally, our evergreen promotions have now brought in 7 figures (including 130k in the first 10 weeks) but what I’m more proud of is Create Awesome Online Courses customers who used this Evergreen Funnel Workshop to generated big time sales (more about them in a second). 

What’s epic about evergreen promotions, is once you get it down…it’s literally like printing money every week. 


That’s good.

I know that sounds a bit nutty, but bringing in 130k+ in 10 weeks without doing much at all will do that to ya 😉

When I first started hearing about evergreen funnels and playing around with them, I sort of “made up” a little funnel.

And the funnel worked…OK. I mean very, very so-so. A sale would trickle here. A sale would trickle in there. And every sale was great…but I felt like we could be doing a lot better.

Enter Charlie.

Charlie, for lack of a better term is my secret-marketing-analytics-behind-the-scenes-genius-did-I-mention-he-is-a-secret?-shhh. 

Yah, he has a long title. Hah. 

Here is how our conversation went:

Me:  “I feel like our evergreen sequence is ‘meh’ at best. Sales sort of trickle. I want them to flood. FLOOD I say!”

Charlie: “Hmmm…well what are you doing now?”

Me: “um…welllll…

  1.  Prospects opt in for a free 3-part video series.
  2. The series comes to them via email for 7 days-ish.
  3. At the end of the series the prospect gets 2 or 3 emails inviting them to join my Create Awesome Online Courses program.”

Charlie: “Got it. I have some ideas to make it better. We are still going to use your 3-part video series, because 3-part video series’ are awesome and a huge asset, but we are going to tweak this funnel so it rocks.”

So, Charlie and I sat down and went over a new way of doing it.

It WASN’T a 100% complete overhaul but instead some very important tweaks and changes

The tweaks and changes only took me a couple of hours to implement.

And then we let it fly…

And waited (impatiently).

And then, like a small freight train…the sales started rolling in. 

EVERY WEEK a flood of sales. 

And it has not slowed down at all (in fact it has picked up steam).

It take a lot to amaze me, but this has been one big ball of amazing. 

My evergreen funnel used to bring in anywhere from 10k-20k over a 10 week period…this new evergreen funnel? 130k over 10 weeks. Now in the past year-and-a-half 7 figure in sales. Craziness. 

The best part? It is 100% automated once you set it up. Meaning zero fingers need to be lifted. It just runs.

Now, I was going to keep this all a big, fat secret…but I can’t resist.

So, now you cancan learn this exact evergreen funnel and test it yourself with my Evergreen Funnel Workshops (Of Fun).


Because I’m a big believer in modeling.

Not like Derek Zoolander modeling, but modeling WHAT WORKS.

And because you are a CAOC student, you have a free video series which is a HUGE asset and we will maximize it with an evergreen promotion.

I want you to learn this strategy from start to finish and implement it. 

And I don’t want you to waste as much time and money I did to figure out what works. I just want to give you the blueprint so you don’t stress out about it.

I don’t leave anything out in this workshop. I  teach you everything we have done from start to finish (from the exact funnel to every email we send out and why, etc.)

A lot of folks have told me not teach this because it is a bit of “secret sauce” but I really want to help. 

Next steps and how to nab the workshop:

I taught this workshop LIVE online to a sold out audience (it sold out almost instantly) and now you can get lifetime access to it which includes:

-Big workshop video where I take you through everything step-by-step

-Special downloads including an Evergreen Funnel Sequence Map, slides from the workshop and much more

-Exactly what tools to use for 100% automation (and how to set ‘em up with Jack Born from Deadline Funnel…and yes that’s his real name)

Because this is basically a license to print money for your online product over and over again, I totally should charge a ton of this.

You know I’m a big believer in premium prices and premium customers.

But, just as an experiment to see what happens, enrollment is just $197.

And the risk it on me. I offer a 30-day 100%  money back guarantee (I stand behind what I teach!).

Check out what Create Awesome Online Courses students (just like you) have been doing with the Evergreen Funnel Workshop:



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