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What To Do After The Sale: Upsells, Cross sells and down sells (oh my!)

So, you are out there hustling and selling your online course or program. Sweet! Now you have customers (do a happy dance).

Fun fact: It is a lot easier making sales to current customers as opposed to people who have never, ever bought from you.

What can you offer these folks?

Ahhhhh what an ammmmmazzzzzinggggggg question.

Now, getting more customers is all good and obviously important but as we all know it is TRICKY (to say the least) and can often be expensive and time consuming.

The real secret to doubling (heck, tripling) your revenue is what happens AFTER you sell someone one of your products and programs.

This is, as the cool kids say, ATS (After The Sale).

One of biggest mistakes I see is people selling someone an awesome information product…and then….that’s it (and don’t feel bad I’ve made this mistake many-a-time).

By doing this the right way you can be your customers’ hero AND you can literally double or triple your business (or more) overnight.

Well, don’t worry, Uncle David is here to help and I’m bringing in a big secret weapon.

That secret weapon? Is it a bird? A plane? Nope. It’s Ryan Lee.

If you don’t know Ryan…da-yum you should and might be living under a rock. Ryan is one of my mentors, friends and one of the smartest, successful & most ethical peeps out there in the Internet Marketing world.

Ryan has CRACKED THE CODE on the art and science of what to do after the sale. The guy has tested more offers than anyone on the planet (and has been doing it since 1999 which is like 500 years ago in Internet years). He knows what works and it’s been tested just about every niche market.

And not only that he has made it freakin’ nearly effortless. Meaning, Ryan knows exactly what you should offer, when, how to do it, etc. whether you are about to launch your first product or you already have a zillion products.

Meaning, he takes all the guesswork out of it. You just follow his system step-by-step.

And he is going to be sharing this step-by-step strategy for you at our special ATS online workshop.


Here is just some of what you are going to learn in this step-by-step workshop:

  • The easiest way to create (and implement) irresistible ATS offers… with zero extra work (put it on autopilot)
  • Discover the EXACT number of upsells that will maximize your revenue (and position you as a hero)
  • The biggest mistake most people make in the “after” sale that is killing your business (and how to avoid it)
  • Ryan’s all-time best converting upsell that added an extra $151,419 in pure profit to one of his products (with zero extra work)
  • How to convert 75% of your customers into recurring, dependable income (month after month after month…on autopilot)
  • And so much more…

You will be walked through EXACTLY what to do step-by-step.


What’s included & how to nab this workshop:

This workshop took place LIVE online and sold out. Now, for the first time, you can get lifetime access to it.

Here is what is included:

-The recording of the workshop to watch online (and you skip fast forward, etc. as you implement)
-A video download of the workshop (save it onto your computer, take it with you, put it on your iPad, whatever)
-A PDF download of the slides from the workshop

While we could charge thousands for this workshop (and probably should as it could literally double or triple your business overnight) we want to make it insanely affordable because we love you.

Enroll below for just $147.

Plus you get my rock solid 30 day money back guarantee.

Simply click “Enroll Here” below and you will be sent to a registration/check out page and you will be off to the races.

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