Step 1

Define Your Signature Offer

Dive into an introspective journey to define your expertise. Whether it's a skill, a passion, or a unique understanding, step one is the cornerstone of building a pathway towards financial freedom.

Embarking on an online marketing adventure begins with identifying what you can offer to the world. What are you passionate about? What skills or knowledge do you possess that others might benefit from?

Your offer doesn't have to be groudbreaking or revolutionary.  In fact, having competition is a positive sign—it means there’s demand for what you’re offering!

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Craft Your Signature Offer:

If you want to teach people to cook, or to lose weight, or to play an instrument, and you're passionate about it, you can make that work.  You just need to tweak or enhance the current offerings on the market, or simply  change the messaging.

Let's look at a few examples:

    • Meal planning services - you could carve your niche by specializing in plant-based meals and emphasizing sustainability in your branding
    • Fitness platform - you could incorporate AI to create personalized workout plans that adapt in real-time based on user feedback.
    • Online tutoring service - you could focus on a specific subject like math only, or offer a service where you teach children how to use ChatGPT.

It’s about identifying gaps, adding unique values, and positioning your offer in a way that resonates with a specific audience.

In marketing jargon, we also call this defining your USP (unique selling proposition).

If you'd like a free training on how to do this, watch my video about how I created a 7-digit business.  There is a lot of branding and unique messaging help there.  Want to dive deeper into your USP and making your business messaging unique and irresistible?  Sign up for Business Made Simple's "StoryBrand Framework" course using my free trial link below.

Redefining Expertise

If you want to offer a product or service online, you don't necessarily have to hold a PhD, a license, a certificate, or be a world-renowned expert - although these can certainly help.

Being just a few steps ahead of someone else can make you their guide. Think of yourself as a companion in the journey, someone who is learning, discovering, and sharing in real-time.

Consider Jamie Masters of Eventual Millionaire. She started by interviewing and sharing insights from millionaires and billionaires, even before becoming a millionaire herself. Her journey wasn’t about claiming expertise; it was about sharing a learning journey that others could benefit from.

Exploring Business Avenues

Once you've identified your offer, there are several paths you can take. Here are a few:

  • Online Courses: Sharing your knowledge through a structured course.  With over 5,000 students enrolled in Create Awesome Online Courses, we can certainly help you here!

  • Affiliate Marketing: You don't need your own products. Promoting others' products and earning a commission can be a powerful way to start.

  • YouTube Channel or Blogging: Share your journey, insights, and learnings through videos or written content, building an audience over time.

What many people fail to understand is wherever there is traffic, you can make money.  Whether it's through direct sales, or affiliate advertising, or sponsorships, or other forms of advertising, you can make money as long as you can attract an interested audience.

Practical Next Steps

  • Start a Website: Your website is your online home where people can learn more about what you offer.

  • Join CAOC: If an online course is your path, "Create Awesome Online Courses" is here to guide you every step of the way.

  • Learn how to craft your message to make your offer desirable: This is done by branding.  Our #1 recommended training on branding is Business Made Simple's "StoryBrand Framework" course.  I've included a 7-day trial here so you can watch it.  

If you've already identified your offer and branded your business, fantastic! You're ready to move on to Step Two: Create Your Sales Pathway.

Remember, the journey to success is a series of steps. Identifying your offer is that crucial first step, and a world of opportunity and growth awaits you beyond. 🚀

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