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Your E-Zine and Newsletter Sucks: Make It More Remarkable

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by David Garland in David's Blog

Your E-Zine and Newsletter Sucks: Make It More Remarkable
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So you have this big fancy business and you want to make sure to keep clients, customers, potential clients and customers, fans, enemies, etc informed. If you aren’t consistently (but not annoyingly) communicating with your trusted followers, you have no business. Offering an E-Zine or Newsletter is a logical idea; however, like many logical ideas, it is very easy to do. Because it is easy to do, many people do a crappy job at it.

First off, I want to officially ban the use of the word newsletter…starting right now. Newsletters (errr..starting right NOW) are something sent around in middle school or written with crayons. I used to have a newsletter (ok, really starting now) and it sucked. E-Zine sounds a lot sexier and you can come up with your own sexy name if that doesn’t float your boat.

A crappy E-Zine or Newsletter (oops) leads to a few things:
1. You get tons of unsubscribers. This will hurt your feelings…no one likes rejection. Sob, sob, tear, tear.
2. You lose credibility. If your newsletter or E-Zine is boring, people will assume your company is as well.
3. Bad news travels faster than good news: “Hey, don’t subsribe to this really crappy E-Zine! It makes me want throw my Mac out the window and cry myself to sleep!”

A GREAT E-Zine or Newsletter also leads to a few (much better) things:
1. It will get forwarded on. Good news travels as well. As in “Hey, Martha you have to read this _____ (insert: Funny, Remarkable, Sad, Awesome, Amazing) article in this E-Zine”
2. You will draw subscribers to your website also known as your portal of awesome to check out your latest content, product, or services.
3. Word of mouth leads to increased subscriptions, credibility, and drum roll please…you may even be able to monetize your E-Zine (more about that later).

OK, lets just admit it. You may be guilty of at one point putting something together that was perfectly in line with the crappy rules. I will gladly raise my hand…I’ve done it. Bottom line is everything you do including your E-Zine better represent your unbelievable, unique brand (your brand is unbelievable and unique, right?)

Here are some tips:

1. Don’t just add people because you have their email.
I USED to be guilty as charged on this one. I assumed if I had their email, that means I had permission to put them on my list. Evil laugh…hahaha. Not so! Unwanted email = people getting pissed off. Have an opt-in section on your website to sign up for your E-Zine (see our BIG one here). Remember you only want people on your list who WANT to be there.

2. Ask people if you can add them to your amazing E-Zine.
When in doubt, send a quick email or note on Facebook. Hey, I thought you would really be interested in my E-Zine which gives the latest tips in entrepreneurship and marketing. Mind if I add you?

3. Have a title.
Don’t just call it “YOUR COMPANY NAME E-ZINE”. That is REALLY boring. Have a cool title. Examples of two I am subscribers of: Sales Caffeine (Jeffrey Gitomer) and Hello, My Name Is E-Zine (Scott Ginsberg). Great names stick in people’s minds. Period.

4. Offer value.
Your E-Zine should NOT be a pitch-fest. Sure, you can mention your products, services, etc (you are allowed to make money after all) but offer something else of value. A quick article or ten tips means your E-Zine combines both a blog (content) with your products. Super!

5. Respect your subscribers.
You should already know this one. Clearly it is unethical and a bad idea to disrespect your subscribers by giving/selling their emails, sending unwanted spam, or any other shenanigans.

6. Call To Action.
This could be the most critical point. Have some kind of Call To Action in your E-Zine. It could be a question posed to the subscribers or a continuation of a really nice article that leads them to your website. Q&A is also great. Why not try a “Ask YOU” (You being…you) and answer questions in each E-Zine.

7. Don’t overdo it.
Long, overdone, overly complicated E-Zines mean the readers will not get through the entire thing. More importantly, next time one of your E-Zines is sent out, they may think twice about opening it. Yikes!

8. Monetize.
Yes, you CAN monetize your E-Zine like we do here at The Rise To The Top. Space can be sold to advertisers (Remember: these advertisers better be in line with your brand!) and you can have guest articles for a price. Email me at David AT to find out how we monetize. I know of some E-Zines that make six-figures PLUS!

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

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