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CONTEST: Win An App Dream Package For Your Business

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Apps are all the rage nowadays:

There are apps for, well, pretty much everything:

-Apps for your phone.

-Apps for your TV.

-Apps for your car (Ford).

-Apps for your toilet (maybe not…but you get the point).

Apps are amazing business tools ESPECIALLY if you are creating video:

1. Your own app takes your content and gets it onto multiple platforms. The potential for more eyeballs is always a good thing.

2. TV apps essentially mean you can have your own international TV content overnight through Yahoo!’s Connected TV Platform (currently comes installed in Sony, Vizio, LG and Samsung TV’s). Here is a clip on TV apps and some thoughts on why tweeting from your TV and TV apps is a game-changer.

3. Apps go way beyond just the iPhone. Droid, Blackberry and even desktop apps on your computer are becoming more & more popular.

4. Apps are becoming more video friendly with the potential to get your videos watched by more and more people.

5. Apps are normally expensive and complicated to make…until now.

You Can Win A VIDEO App Dream Package

Our sponsor and friend Widget Realm is kicking off their new app offerings. And guess who benefits? All of us. Why? Because they are giving one lucky member of The Rise To The Top community the following:

-Custom-Made Mobile Apps (iPhone, Blackberry AND Droid)

-A Custom-Made Desktop App (Your customers/clients/fans/community can download it right onto their computer)

-A Custom-Made TV App (YES! Your video content will available to be downloaded onto ACTUAL TV’s: Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG)

+ Video encoding and a video content management system through Widget Realm all included.

Time To Pitch Us & Create Video Content

Obviously we want to make sure whoever wins the package is creating video content. So pitch the heck out of us on the contest form. Nothing would be worse (for everyone) if we give away all this cool stuff and you don’t use it, I will personally cry myself to sleep (and nobody wants to see that unless you do and in that case, you’re mean).

Part of entering the contest is pitching us why you want the app dream package and what you will do with it. (Hint: Because this is a show big on the marketing/promoting end, how do you plan on promoting the heck out of your apps. Bonus points for uniqueness)

So, if you have links to videos you have done or want to shoot some quick videos make sure to tell us about it in your entry form and keep us posted via Facebook, Twitter, on the site, etc.

How Do I Enter And Are There Any Catches?

You can enter right here and the contest runs until the winner will be announced on the 25th of March. The link will stay up on the left side of the website as well.

No catches. The only thing that is on you is video bandwidth (which unless you are raking in millions of people averages about $3-$4 a month).

How Will The Winner Be Chosen?

A fun panel will be selecting the winner including Brian Powell (Founder of Widget Realm), myself (I can be bribed…just kidding or am I?), and some to-be-named “celebrity” judges (if music was playing, cool music would be playing right now).

Not Planning On Creating Video Content? Be A Hero To A Friend

The contest of course is not for everyone. If you aren’t planning on creating video content (or already creating it), perhaps you would want to pass it onto a friend who is. Karma is a good thing.

Here are some more details when Brian and I sat down to discuss the contest:

Good luck and may the best man/woman/child/dog win!

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!