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Asking How To Get More Twitter Followers Is The Wrong Question

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by David Garland in David's Blog

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At least a couple of times a day, I get an email asking “How do I get more Twitter followers?”

Fair enough. I understand that for many of us business people, more followers is better than less followers.

However, in my opinion and based on experience, this is the wrong question to ask. If you want more Twitter followers there are plenty of spam-crap programs you can buy and use to boost your numbers and then you can spam your followers and everyone will hate you. But, what is that going to for you at the end of the day? You are just going to have a screen that says you have more Twitter followers.

Why? Because Twitter followers aren’t just random numbers on some big scale. Twitter is full of PEOPLE. People that you can form genuine relationships with.

Perhaps a better question to ask is, “How do I form better relationships with people on Twitter?”

That one, I can certainly offer my .02 cents and I also believe this has been overcomplicated.

The most successful people on Twitter:

1. Are Human: Meaning, you know who the actual person is who is Tweeting. It isn’t a faceless business with the intern at the helm. Many big brands struggle with this and to me, that is fine. I’d suggest Twitter is better and more useful for the hustling entrepreneur than the juggernaut.

2. Share Valuable Content In Their Niche: Meaning articles, videos, audio, photos, tweets, quotes of others. Meaning they are a Twitter DJ playing the best hits.

3. Share Valuable Content They Create: Your articles, videos, audio, photos, thoughts.

4. Interact: Introduce people to one another, small talk, responding, asking questions, answering questions, thanking people, just being a good person.

5. Extend The Relationships Off Of Twitter: This means perhaps to email. Or to Facebook. Or real life (perfect example of this past week my fiancee and I were on a trip out west and attended a San Francisco Giants game. I tweeted out about it and met @AttractiveTRVLR in real life (she rocks by the way…check her out). Someone I only knew from Twitter).

A note on “value.” Value doesn’t mean product pitches or hard selling. Sure, you can have the occasional plug for something, but you have to earn that right over time. People have to know and trust you. It means putting yourself in your followers shoes. What will they look to you for? Education? Inspiration? Entertainment? All three?

Plus, don’t be afraid to follow people and avoid being a Twitter Snob. And don’t forget the power of Maximizing Twitter Lists.

If you do 1,2,3,4 and 5 on a regular basis good things will happen. Plus, you can always adjust on the fly if something doesn’t work. The only thing you lost was a little sweat. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and energy. There isn’t a quick fix but there is massive mutual long term gain from focusing on relationships.

Wrapping it up:

What has been your experience? What tips and stories would you share with folks asking this question? Oh, and you can always hunt me down on Twitter as well.

In case you missed it: here is a part of a talk I did at a recent RISE lunch on top social media mistakes and how to avoid them:

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!