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This Week On The Rise To The Top

8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

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Rise Underground: The Rise To The Top Entrepreneur Blog
The Rise To The Top: Entertaining, Energizing and Empowering Entrepreneurs

Warm Fuzzy Moment:

I hope everyone had a stellar and amazing weekend. My birthday was on Sunday and it was fantastic (minus the Blues playoff loss) and really served as another reminder to be thankful for everyone and everybody in my life. So a huge 100% heart-filled thanks to everyone reading this who has been enjoying The Rise To The Top, watching shows, leaving comments, giving fantastic feedback and learning something along the way about business/entrepreneurship. It has been an absolute pleasure to serve you and I promise to continue to bring in top interviews/tips jam-filled with entrepreneurial lessons, tips to build your business, success stories to learn from, ways to give back to the community, and much more. 2009 is going to be a massive year.

Getting Editorial With It:
Ahhh…structure. That scary 9-letter word. We are currently in the midst of creating our editorial schedule for 2009 with a few upcoming changes to continually improve user experience. Basically we are going to create a consistent schedule so you know what is going on the website each week and where you can find that latest and greatest information for entrepreneurs.
As we continue to creatively expand (with The Rise To The Top, Rise at Nite, and of course the blog right here: Rise Underground) we want to hear your feedback so we make sure you guys are happy because this is all about the community.
This is what I’m leaning towards on
-Sunday: NEW The Rise To The Top Episode (corresponds with ABC schedule) Example
-Monday: This Week On The Rise To The Top: News, Notes, Announcements, Events (this would be the example)
-Tuesday: Rise Underground Post (on the blog either an entrepreneur tip or trick) Example
-Thursday: New Rise at Nite/Bonus Interviews
-Friday: Weekend Preview/Entrepreneur Tip/Trick on the blog

What do you think (leave your thoughts below)?

In St. Louis? Events and Fun:

This Wednesday is our FINAL Dinner and Discussions presented by BancorpSouth featuring entrepreneurs (including big shots, those rising to the top, and those at the top) and folks that support entrepreneurship. If you haven’t checked our our event series, it is a blast and includes a 4-course dinner at Sub Zero Vodka Bar, always lively discussions, giveaways and prizes (such as 2 hours of free concierge service from Everett Pate of We Make It Happen Concierge Services), and a special presentation: This week’s presentation is by Matt Brown from Ways of Being and is going to be a great one. The reason we created this event series was for all of you: Entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers. We wanted a place where ideas flow, people have fun and cut loose, but also learn something and build there network. You can find out all of the info on our events page.

Bonus: Go Giver Tour is stopping in St. Louis this Wednesday in St. Louis as well with a Tweet-Up event.

Bring Your Business Online: Social Media For Business Seminar Linked Working Workshop
Lewis Howes (author of LinkedWorking) and I are putting on a special workshop on April 30th in St. Louis with a focus on utilizing social media for entrepreneurs and small businesses. This won’t be a run-of-the-mill workshop but will be actually tactics used and how to develop an online strategy. I believe we are sold out (or 1 spot left) but you can check it out right here.

The Rise To The Top Episode #10: The Art of Marketing

This Sunday (4/26) both on and on KDNL-ABC30 in St. Louis at 11 AM (CST), tune in for a brand new episode with special guest Bonni Burns. You will not want to miss this insight into the advertising/marketing world from someone truly at the top. Bonni, who recently started her own integrated marketing firm, was in the top 5% of female broadcast COO’s in the country, literally built a broadcast station from the ground up, and has been the head of sales at several major broadcast stations including ABC.

We will be discussing developing a marketing strategy, how to develop a marketing plan plus much more both on the show and on Rise at Nite.

Also in this episode: Internet Marketing tips with Adam Kretiman, Keepin It Legal with Stinson Morrison Hecker partner Jeff Michelman (did you know Jeff is also Nelly’s lawyer?), Doc’s Relationship Corner with Dr. Phil Dembo from 1stDateSTL, creating word of mouth campaigns, a special feature on AllTop, marketing mistakes, and how to get involved with The Humane Society.

Also, Coming Next Week:
A massively big secret announcement of a secret nature (how is that for vagueness?)

Live Passionately! – David Siteman Garland – The Creative Opportunities Specialist and Entrepreneurial Chameleon –

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8 Steps to Turning What You Already Know into a Successful Online Course

The 8 step process to the successful with online courses + free gifts for attending!

Unlock the Offer!